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Moonblade's Links

Here are ALL our links put together for you!!


Throughout the vast space of the internet, our pages are widely spread.

Our goal is to bring them all onto one convenient page...

Your mission, ...


should you choose to accept it, ...


is to Enjoy!


(Moonblade is a realm created by Dimagi. All links listed on this page lead to pages made by Dimagi, also known as Dee Dee)



Tribute to the USA

My tribute to the USA


This page was made only a few weeks after 911

and has not been changed since




(Put a smile on your face!)

Laughter (Main Page)
Star Trek Funnies



Nature's Beauty

 Photos by Dimagi, (myself)


Updated Everglades photos:

Master Photo index for the Everglades
Alligators - Adult
Alligators - Courting to Hatchlings
Alligators - Babies
Butterflies Page #1
Butterflies Page #2
Fresh & Saltwater Life

Older Everglades photo pages, not yet updated:
Ibis & Wood Storks
Egrets & Herons
Anhingas & Cormorants
Rails, Gallinules, Coots
Old Dragonfly Page
Old Flower Page
Old Insect Page
Old Lizard Page
Old Page
Old Snake Page
Old Turtle Page

Pages made from Photos collected on the web:

These are NOT my photos
Beauty of the Ocean



Realms of Fantasy

Moonblade's Realms of Fantasy (Main Page)
Mystical Unicorns
Land of the Elves
Forest of the Fairies
The Dragon's Cavern



Anime (Japanimation)

Anime (Main page)
The Heroic Legend of Arislan
Captain Harlock
Ah! My Goddess
Record of Lodoss War
Sailor Moon



This sections is very old.

I no longer role play, but I've left this in since I had put so much work into it and some may still find it interesting.


Moonblade (Role Playing pages)

(Moonblade, (CoMB), is a Role playing guild based on the unpublished novel created by Dimagi
for the purpose of entertainment, and meeting others that love to role play on line).

City of Moonblade (CoMB home page)
Lands of Moonblade (Take a guided tour of our lovely city)
Basic History of Moonblade

Ancient History of Moonblade (In detail)
CoMB Forum Info (The Forum's Rules)
CoMB Positions
Resident Listings
Moonblade's Chat Rooms


Moonblade Character Profile Pages (Role Playing only)

Kreel Nuvea (King of Moonblade)
Jeannia Nuvea (Eldest Princess)
Josh Nuvea (Eldest Prince)
Viyia Nuvea (Adopted Princess)

Chris Nuvea (Grand Prince, son of Jeannia)
Shimmer (Guardian of Moonblade)
Fairgone Shalane (Paladin & Royal Council Member)
Gregg Shalane (Ex Anti-paladin, twin brother to Fairgone)

*^* Ariana Nuvea (Ex-Queen, suddenly disappeared, in high honor)
*^*  Lady Opal Nuvea (Ex-Queen, Left CoMB, in Dishonor)
*^* Antrax (Now Missing)

Eilistraee, Goddess of Beauty and Song (Moonblade's Goddess) *Character belongs to TSR
Lolth, Goddess of Spiders, and evil Drow, (Moonblade's Enemy) *Character belongs to TSR

*^*  This page was made for a Member of CoMB



Poetry (A tear and a smile)

Poetry (Main page)



Season's Greetings

This season:

- Coming -



Other Seasonal Pages:


Beauty of Christmas


Moonblade's Fun of Christmas


More to come soon!



The Real Dimagi (Meet the author of these pages)

Dee Dee's Page (Personal Profile)
Dee Dee's art (Artwork done by myself)
Where I use to work and still love: Shark Valley, Everglade's National Park


My Main Home Page

If you like my pages and would like to link, please feel free to,
and use any of the banners to do so if you wish!
Thank you for stopping by, Dee Dee.






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