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Basic Everglades Info


Courtship to Hatchlings!

Here in Shark Valley, we have lots of alligators!


**Most of these photos are taken with an Olympus Digital camera and are of good quality, however, some are photos taken with a 35 mm camera, then scanned, therefore, they may not be as fine quality as the others. These scanned photos are marked with **.

Fighting Gators!
Face off Battling Bulls #1

Battling Bulls #2


Bellowing Gators!
Bellow #1

Ordinarily done in the water, the alligator lifts its head up, then fills its throat with air similar to a frog.

Bellow #2

The gator lifts its back as it begins the guttural sounding bellow. Males usual bellow longer and deeper then females.

Water Dance

The Alligator creates such a heavy vibration as it bellows, the water will typically bounce, or "dance" over its back.


Romantic Gators!

**Happy Couple **"I Rub You!" Courtship #1 **"I Rub You too!" Courtship #2


Nesting Gators!

Gator Nest Watching Mommy to be

Keep Away!


New Hatchling Gators!
Momma's Help

Only a statue of how they help their babies out of their eggs. This Statue can be seen at the Earnest F. Coe Visitor Center in the southern end of the Everglades National. Park.

New Babies at Rest

Very new hatchlings rest at the base of their nest, near the waters edge. Mother is just beyond the babies to the left out of sight of this Photo, as she watches them carefully.

Opened Nest

Looking closely you can see the egg fragments in the depreciation of the freshly dug out nest. The babies just to the left.


Momma & New Hatchlings!
Momma & Hatchlings #1 Momma & Hatchlings #2 M & H #3


More Mamma & New Hatchlings!
Momma & Hatchlings #4 Momma & Hatchlings #5

**Momma & Hatchlings #6(link)





 Adult Gators

Baby Gators






Shark Valley


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