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Basic Everglades Info


Dancing flowers in Flight!

Insects so full of beauty and grace, they've won the hearts of millions!

**Most of these photos are taken with an Olympus Digital camera and are of good quality, however, some are photos taken with a 35 mm camera, then scanned, therefore, they may not be as fine quality as the others.

These scanned photos are marked with **.


Gulf Fritillary

**Topside Just emerged Mating pair What a face! **Topside



Male topside Under-wing Mating pair **Under-wing-2



More Queens

Queen #1 Queen #2 Queen #3 Resting in groups



**Topside **Under-wing Under-wing #2
*Hope to get more photos soon




Topside #1 Under-wing Topside #2 Viceroy & Buttonbush



Common Buckeye

Topside #1 Under-wing Topside #2 Topside #3



Phaon Crescent

Topside #1 Under-wing Topside #2 Topside #3



Pearl Crescent

Topside #1 Under-wing Topside #1


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Shark Valley

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