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Gregg Shalane

    Gregg is a very handsome human male, at the age of 24. His eyes are brilliant leaf green, with soft locks of light brown hair, surrounding his youthful face.
    He has an extremely dark past. One he now tries hard to put behind him as best he can, though he will always be haunted by it and occasionally hunted by those that seek justice.
     He is learning of the ways of light, and is very new to it, and for his past, is doing very well. Though he still has a low tolerance and angers easily, and can be quick to pull his blade.
     He is learning many new hobbies and likes, including the fact that he likes to create with his hands in sculptures and carving wood. He likes good wine, and listening to music. He enjoys sitting in taverns or Inns, to simply watch the people, learning the ways of those he use to destroy, in hopes of strengthening his new resolve of living the ways of light. He is very cautious and extremely suspicious of those that approach him, yet tries to seem friendly. He does see meeting new people as a challenge and a way to test himself. He is grateful to those that helped him into the ways of light, His twin brother, Fairgone, and his brother's wife, Brytnny, and to the many others of the city he now calls his home, Moonblade. But to him the most convincing of all was a lady that had stolen his heart, Mei Hua Zh. An extremely sweet and loving lady that was willing to let his past stay behind him and see the man that was within his heart. Sadly for him she dissapeared over a year ago. After a long time of waiting and hoping for her return, he knew he must move on with his life.

     He has met another very wonderful lady, by the name of Amber , that has again stolen his heart. He met her the night she brought her twins into the world, and soon fell in love with her and her twins. He now sees them as his own, and prays everyday that he will not lose them as well.

His History:

Born to the sadistic, tyrant King Morgan Shalane of Mancolen. He was the first born with his twin brother, Fairgone, close behind. Competing very hard at first to keep his top position to insure that he would stay the crown prince, he developed a cruel disposition very early, while his brother grew softer by the day, clinging to their mother. Both boys loved the kind, and gentle woman very much. But on the boy's fifth birthday, Morgan murdered her by beating her, and strangling her to death in front of them as a warning about being too soft. Morgan then manipulated Gregg into blaming his brother for their mother's death because of Fairgone's own softness. Now, hating his brother, his mother dead, all he had in his mind was his father. To please the man in any way that he could, so he began the ways of his father, ... cruel, power-hungry and hateful.

     Around twelve years old, Gregg became aware of his brother's secret friendship with a commoner family with three children. In some ways, he envied his brother's happiness, but with his hatred for his brother, he wanted him to hurt. He knew that it was highly forbidden for them to have any contact with other children, let alone commoners. He also knew that his father would order the family put to death, ... and so he told his father. Morgan ordered the great red dragon under his control to burn the house down in the middle of the night as the family slept. Late that night the deed was done. The next morning Fairgone was nowhere to be found. He was to see the bodies as they were pulled from the ashes. As the city gathered, to see Morgan's wrath, a well known pendant was pulled from the ash, ... Gregg's brother's pendant. He too had apparently burned with the family. Morgan simply shrugged it off and walked away, Gregg following behind him, looking back once, knowing that he was the cause of his brother's death. He was pleased, yet a small pain in his heart at the loss of his brother for some reason hurt him, he then shook it away and moved to his father's side as they walked away.

   In the years to follow, Gregg became colder and colder, his heart knew of nothing but darkness, and emptiness, and sought to fill it. Taking all that he wanted, killing for the simple fun of the act itself, and to hear the cries of victim and their familles, Forcing many to beg on hands and knees for their lives usually to take the lives anyway, he would take any woman, willing or not, that met his desire for his cruel pleasures, Leading murderous raids on any village that did not bow to the name Shalane or to the city, and many more horrid things. He had become the darkest of hearts, ... a dark paladin.

     A few months back he came to a city of goodly folk, he came in alone and quietly to snoop it out. It was a huge surprise to him when a young lady came up to him and hugged him in a friendly manner as if he had been her friend for some time, and called him a name he had not heard in ages, ... Fairgone! So his brother was alive, somehow escaping the fire and his father. Gregg played along sweetly as he cold to learn more, finding that this was indeed a friend of his brother. And not only was he alive, but that he had become a paladin of light! He also learned that his brother had a wife that was with child. He wanted to learn more and to find him, and most of all, to kill his deserting brother. He reported a few small tidbits to his father, but not giving too much detail, more like a cruel teaser. He spent the next few days hanging around learning what he could, but as he did, he found that some of that emptiness in his heart had subsided slightly. And began to open his eyes to the kindness and friendships that his brother had in his life, and began desiring that for himself. But soon many seemed suspicious of him, somehow knowing that he was not Fairgone, yet still let him hang around without attacking him. Then came the day he ran into Brytnny, his brother's young and very lovely wife. She approached him and very quickly knew who he was. She called him by name, yet did not hate or even fear him, instead she told him that he was family and that he would be welcome. Her kindness about blew his mind, especially after she hugged him as she departed from him later.

     He had a great deal to think about, he took time just for thought, and soon began to fear that he could never truly change enough to be accepted or forgiven, and that he would lose all that he had had. ... All he had to do was kill his brother and life would go back to the way it was, ... but did he truly want that?

   He wondered into a neighboring city allied with Moonblade, called Taglios to take more time to think, and wondered into a tea shop. There he met the most desirable, and beautiful woman that he had ever seem before. She offered him a strange tea, and a kind and sweet smile. His thoughts of taking her, seemed somehow wrong to him, he wanted her to hold him like he had seem other women hold their lovers and not look at him in fear. He could not truly believe that she would accept him, but he knew that he could not hurt her, nor allow harm to come to her. At one point as he sat with her in the in, she intrusted him with her infant son. He had never held such a being before, and again an odd feeling over came him. Soon he and the young lady became friends, and she accepted him for what he was and let his past go. He knew then that he had a real chance, and vowed that he would do all that he can to keep that.

     He now lives with his brother, his wife, and their new born daughter, but has dreams of soon having his own home, and family. ... Perhaps with Amber and her twins, if things go as well as he hopes.

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