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Josh Nuvea

Josh is a young adult male drow, with a great love of life, and nature. He kind hearted, and fun loving, though at times can be very shy. He is the eldest of Kreel and ArianaNuvea, the king and queen of the good city of Moonblade , making him the crowned Prince. But truly he seeks no more then good friends, and family, and to be out in the forest, enjoying it's cool shade, and the songs of the waterfalls and the wildlife. He loves his family very deeply, and one could not ask for a more faithful and caring friend. He has a very beautiful daughter Jennell, that is just going into her adulthood. He has been widowed twice in his life, and has now found a lady that is both his best freind and his new love, Angyline. He hopes to someday soon ask her to marry him.

Picture by ZartanH
One of his closest friends is Tameril, a very large female tiger.


Born in the underdark, as a noble to house Nuvea, in the drow city of Aboth. Josh was the only son to the house and to be raised as a warrior. Hating the harsh treatment, given to him, being a lowly male in the eyes of the Lolth priestess's of the house, including his mother, at his very young age of five, he would find ways to either sneak visits to his father, or slip out of the house, and wonder the dark city and its many passages.

On day, on one of those wanderings, he came across a group of drow using a magical passage, he watched from the shadows and learned the activating words. A few days later, after some very harsh treatment by his mother, he gained the courage to try it, and found himself on the much feared surface. He found the tracks of drow boots and followed them. But he became lost, and wondered for many hours. Finally hearing elven vices ahead he followed the sound. but as he got closer, he realized that he could not understand the words. He peeked out and found not drow, but gold elves. His heart pounded in fear as he backed off, only to trip on a root, pure terror filled his him as he heard the elves heading his way, he quickly got back up and ran from them as fast as he could go, though he knew not where to go. He swore to himself that if he got back home, that he'd tell his mother of these monsters so they could be distorted. After what seemed like many more hours, he found himself captured not by the elves... but by Lizard men with the high intent of having him for a taesy snack, and they made it very clear to him of their intentions. He knew he would find no help, but instinks and fear forced him to cry out for help. Suddenly to his terror and supprise, came the gold elves,.. attacking the Lizardmen! As the beasts ran off, he was relest by an elven maid with a soft smile and gentle hands. Though he did not understand they words, their tender ways of treating him made him quickly realize that they ment him no harm. The maiden gently picked him up and the group took him for a journey back tracking the way that he had come, each elf taking turns caring him gently. Finally they came to the very cave that he had come out, and softly set him down, after a while they found the glow of magic in the cave, the passage was there too... almost not wanting to leave them,.. he returned home with a new understanding,... His Mother and older sisters had lied about the surface people, ... but his father had tried to tell him. He knew then that his father would be his most valued teacher, and soon became a secret follower of Eilistraee, Goddess of beauty and song, the mortal enemy of Lolth.

After that day, he never wondered out until he was traded enough to defend himself, but by then, he had grown up, and though he found his way back to the elven village, he feared what they would do to him now that was no longer a child. On one of his trips he met Gleamriver, an old silver dragon with rare skills for a dragon, the ways of a ranger. Gleamriver took a quick liking to him and taught him the skills.

A few years later, the house took in a new high priestess of Lolth, Sabal, and gave Josh to her as her parton. She soon bore a little emerald eyed baby girl, Jennell. But when she was three, Sabal pushed the eldest daughter of the house to far, and was killed. The Matron also feorious with Sabal, wanted to show little Jennell the true power of their house and the "glory of Lolth". So she sent a group of drow up to the surface for a "blooding" (to Kill as many surface Elves as possible, by accking a village). Josh was to go as well, and was relived that it was not the village that he had learned to love, but he still could not let them be slotterd. Josh managed to slipped in a warning to the village, and they were ready for the attack and quickly turned the tables. During the battle Josh snuck off with Jennell, to make the surface their new home.

He was hoping that he would still find Gleamriver, and perhaps he would help raise Jennell. But to his great grief, found that his friend had been slain by Firegiants. His ranger's soul now grew a new hate... he would destroy all firegiants he could. He was too afraid to take any chance of bring Jennell to the village, so they made a hidden home and he would visit the village but never let them see him. He soon took a high liking to a gentle elven maid of golden hair and a sweet smile, the best friend to the very maiden that helped him all those years ago. He would leave her gifts and letters for her to find, and vowed to himself that as soon as Jennell was old enough that he would meet the lady face to face.

But in Jennell's sixth year, Many drow had started to frequent the aria, not wanting to be found hes was forced to move away quickly. After a few months, they returned, to find that the village had moved with no trace of where they had gone. So Josh was forced to bring her up alone for the most part,..he did find female help in raising his daughter, but had to watch them carefully, for her female teachers were a group of over friendly nymphs, who took a liking for him, though his heart had already been stolen by the golden haired maid, Cassandra.

Years later, when Jennell was just about a woman, Josh had a dream given to him by Eilistraee, it lead him to a dark cave and found his beloved younger sister, Jeannia, also a follower his and their fathers ways. She was about to bring her daughter into the realms, and was so very happy to see her gentle brother and his daughter. They worked together to care for little Christy, and enjoyed watching her grow. Josh and Jennell, also took up firegiant hunting quiet often, much to Jeannia's worries.

As Christy turned three, Jeannia recied the dream this time,.. this dream lead them to many wonderful things... For they found that they father and many of his group of friends and followers had made it to the surface, and to Joshs supprise,.. had befriended the Moonsea village,.. HIS village! Soon he and Cassandra were married, in a double wedding with his father and the maid with the gentle hands, that had saved him so many years before.

They lived happily for seven months, then, Jeannia was given on more dream, a dream that would take the drow family many weeks away, to find the lost ruins of Moonblade and to see to it being restored. Ariana, his new mother, and Cassandra, were both getting heavy with child, and could not make the journey, but the the drow party vowed that they would return as soon as they could.

They found the ruins and begun the rebuilding of the great city, then Josh and his father with a small party returned to Moonsea,.. only to find that it had been destroyed by a raiding party of drow. None had been left alive, They sadly berried their beloved wives side by side, and returned to the city.

Josh kept mostly to the forest for many years after that, but has now been visiting more frequently again,.. hoping to fine the love that his heart needs so very much.

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