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Lands of Moonblade

Welcome to the lands of Moonblade.

The lands here are lovely indeed. Many artist and mages have come up with some fantastic works of art to show the wonders of this beautiful city. Below are some of these, we hope you enjoy them.

City Street

This is one of the lovely streets in the city. The Twilight Lady Inn, the Sweet Shoppe, and the Silver Lady Dress Shop, call all be found on this street, and Amber's Herble at the far end near the creek.

Castle Garden Gazebo

This is the gazebo in the Castle Gardens, at the base of the castle. This Garden is open to the public, for the King and Queen enjoy meeting guests and friends there.

Castle Gardens' Friendship Pound

Here is another part of the Castle Gardens called Friendship pound. Many clear nights, small groups can be found gathered here to share soft music, song, and storys.

Jousting Arena

Between the Caslte Garden, and the stables, is an arena for jousting and other fun matchs. Come challenge a friend to a joust, or a good spar.

Oriental Gardens

Another lovely part of the city is the Oriental Gardens. Very lush landscaping, bridges, colorful coi fish, and weeping willows to set a wonderous romantic mood.

Bridge to Silver Falls

As you exit from the city gates, look to the west, and you'll find an enchanting trail and bridge leading from Silver lake out to silver falls.

Silver Falls

Silver Falls is a wonderful and fun place to visit. It's cool waters, can gently wash over you in a fun shower, or the smooth rocks at it's base can make a fun slide to set you rushing down the creek with the flowing waters.

Moonlight Falls

Moonlight Falls, is another very romantic place to be. Surounded by a lush forest, and many flowers, (many of which are night blooming) and soft grasses. This is a place that one might just find a celebration, to the goddess Eilistraee, going on when the moon is full.

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