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Guardian of Moonblade


Her most common form is a voluptuous lady drow,..

But her true form is,.. The Twilight Dragon.  


Shimmer is a very powerful, ancient dragon, 675' long. But normally she shows herself as a voluptuous lady drow, or 340' dragon. She is caring, helpful and playful, but she does have a habit of eating those that threaten her loved ones. She loves shiny things, plum wine, and has a great zest for life. Her love of fun and mischief is only outweighed by her duties to her Goddess, Eilistraee, Goddess of beauty and song, to her King, Sir Kreel, her Queen to be, Fyre Kinreau, and the City of Moonblade and it's people. She will aid those of good heart if she feels that she can. But she is very shy of allowing others to know of her powers. She is often mistaken for a Blue dragon of some sort, for many know nothing of the Twilight dragons because they are so very rare, and secretive. It has been said that there may be only 10 - 15 left in all the realms, if that many. It is one of her hopes to find others of her kind.

Her heart has finally been caught, by another Twilight dragon, by the name of Taldor Forrester, who is now her physical mate as well as her soul mate. He is her every dream come true. They now share her beloved children, her adopted daughter, Ember, and her two children from another love of her past, the twins, Kiki and Little Andy, who's Father was thought to be dead until very recently. As well as brooding one of their own clutches of Twilight dragons, who have fledged and gone off as young dragons tend to do. Sadly, after many happy years, Taldor suddenly disappeared, and was never heard from again.

After years later, Shimmer knew that she had to move on with her life, and now her heart has finally opened enough again to hope to find new love.

Her History

When Shimmer was just a hatchling, she witnessed her mother and father slain by a large flight of Red dragons. For many days after that she would not move. Finally one evening, she found herself surrounded by fireflies. Something in her heart told her to follow them. They lead her to the gates of a grand drow city,.. Moonblade. This was the time, well before Lolth's influence upon the drow, when their hearts were all full of love. The city took her in and raised her as their own.

In time, she became a large and beautiful young adult. But then came a very sad time,.. Before she had developed all her powers, the city was hit hard with a disease that spread very quickly throughout the people. The whole city was in danger of being lost... In desperation, Shimmer pleaded to the gods for help. Eilistraee came to her and told her that there was a way,.. but warned her that it would cost her much. Shimmer cared more for the people then for her own life and agreed without hesitation. That day,.. Shimmer gave her spirit's freedom, and became bonded with the city itself. If it flourished so would she,.. but if it fell,.. so would she. Her life force too was drained,.. the once young dragon now felt very old, but she would recover. The city was healed and prospered once more. Eilistraee was very pleased with Shimmer and thanked her by coming to her again, and dubbing her, her Champion Dragon and awarded her the grand title of Guardian of Moonblade.

For many more years, she and the city flourished,.. but then came the dark times,.. Lolth's influence had started. Lolth 'spidered' her ways into their minds with tempting, empty promises. And soon wars broke out among all the elves, the Elven Wars were begun. Sadly most of the drow were blinded by Lolth's trickery, and began to turn away from Eilistraee. Soon the gods themselves had no choice but to banish Lolth into the underdark,.. where spiders belong,.. But sadly the drow chose to follow her into the empty dark world. Out of fear, the light elves and their allies drove any remaining drow below with the others,.. and so the once great city of Moonblade fell. Sadly,.. so too did Eilistraee's powers greatly fall. As did Shimmer fall, but not in death, but sleep,.. for so long as Eilistraee had at least a few followers there was hope that the city would reawaken.

Shimmer slept well for over 5,000 years as the city remained in ruin. Then she stirred, as she recovered from her long nap, forms entered her cave. Drow,.. Eilistraee drow had returned to her and the city to stay. She quickly found the new Drow king and his people to take her not just as a guardian,.. but family.


Her Abilities

The Twilight dragon, is a very rare and secretive creature indeed. They are the masters of the body, mind and spirit. They are empathic, telepathic, and can sense the very aura around someone.

These dragons have three kinds of breath:

(1)  Breath of healing, the most commonly used. This breath can be  used in three different ways.

(a)  A soothingly cool, shimmering breath to heal light to grievous wounds,

(b)  A very powerful healing breath from well within the dragons body, strong enough to return life. *The body must be well preserved and free of decay. But this powerful breath of resurrection, takes much from the dragon, and it must rest for as many days as the body was dead.

(c)   She can also heal the mind or even the spirit itself with this first type of breath.  This can usually heal mental illness, most curses, free those of constant night mares, or memories, looking straight into the mind and soul itself. The one to be healed must trust the dragon well, for she will know all secrets and thoughts of the one healed, after wards.

(2) The second kind of breath, is the crystal breath. This can change the target into pure crystal, and occasionally into a pure gem. (80 or better, on 1d100)
**If it's a living target, victim rolls their full guild dice VS a single breath dice of 1d100.**

(3) The last breath is the main cause for these dragons much needed secrecy, for they were sought out long ago for their abilities to give life force, and raise skills. (Manipulating the mind and body into gaining Experience)... But if angered,.. instead, they could take it away. (Both can be given only once, to a living mortal being).