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Shark Valley,
Photo Gallery:
Egerts & Herons

All Photos by Dee Dee, (

Welcome to my Egerts & Herons Gallery. All the photos here were taken by me in the Everglades National Park. I hope that you like them. If you like any of them, just click on the thumbnail, and it'll take you to a bigger version of that photo. You are most welcome to copy them for yourself, for your own, personal enjoyment.
(Please no commercial use without my written authorization.)
*If you wish to have a photo made for you, please E-mail me.

Little Blue Heron

Tricolor Heron

Black Crown Night Heron

Least Bittern

American Bittern

Green Backed Herons

Green Backed Heron

Green Backed

Great Egret #1

Great Egret #2

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(Great Blue Herons coming soon)
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Last update: 4/25/2000

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