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Lolth,.. Goddess of Spiders, and the Evil Drow of the Underdark

Artist= "Dee Dee"

Lolth is a cruel, ruthless goddess, thought by many to be insane. She delights in setting her worshippers at each others throats, so that the strongest, most devious and cruel will survive to serve her. Lolth roams the Realms often, appearing in answer to the rituals of drow priestesses, and working whatever harm she can to the enemies of the drow. She secretly wants to be worshipped by humans and elves of the surface Realms, and sometimes journeys among their communities, whispering of the power Lolth can bring.

Lolth is malicious in her dealings, and coldly vicious in a fight. She enjoys causing death, destruction, and painful torture. Even more, Lolth enjoys corrupting elves and humans to her service. She many times leaves a poisonous spider to aid, guard, or keep watch over those who serve her. Lolth can appear kind, rendering aid to those she fancies - but she really cares only for herself; her favor and aid can never be relied on.

Lolth's avatar in the Realms appears as a giant black widow spider, but prefers to change into the form of a human-sized, exquisitely beautiful female drow. She can also combine the two forms, appearing as a giant spider with a coldly beautiful female drow head. This is believed to be her 'true' form.

Artist= Lance W. Card

Lolth rarely aids her worshippers directly, preferring to watch and enjoy their suffering and struggles. Lolth priestesses strive to manipulate those around them, and to be feared, their ultimate goals to please Lolth. The males are inferior in Lolth's Realm, dealt with indifference and contempt by the females - their lot is to serve the whims of the females, as well as their goddess. Treachery and cruelty are rewarded, non compliance to Lolth's or her priestesses whims are dealt with in the most painful of manners - usually by a priestess wielding the snake-headed whips that they delight in giving pain with.

Artist= Lance W. Card

All drow who do not worship Lolth are to be converted or destroyed. All weak and rebellious drow are to be weeded out and dealt with. The 'unfaithful' are to be sacrificed to Lolth, usually males. To willingly harm a spider in Lolth's Realm
can mean death to the perpetrator,
spiders being viewed as 'children' of Lolth.

Artist= Lance W. Card

Occasionally (usually measured in decades), a raid upon the surface is called by a Matron Mother (the ruling priestess of a 'house') - usually in hopes of gaining favor of the goddess, and sometimes as a training mission. This is usually the extent of the Lolth drow presence on the surface.

(This page is an imformational page,.. for our allies to know of our enemy,.. Lolth. Below is the link to our city of light.)

City of Moonblade (basic info)

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