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Ariana Nuvea


Ariana Eleron Nuvea is a young adult female Grey Elf maiden of 157 years. She was born and raised in the Elven Village of Moonsea. Ariana has a twin sister by the name of Starchaser, Starchaser is a bit more quiet and meek than Ariana. The sister's are both Ranger/Magic-User's. Their Father's name is Kalen, and Mother is Cassana. The girls learned the skill's of both parents (Father-Ranger, Mother-Magic-User), being undecided until their mother was attacked and unable to defend an attack in close quarters... the girls both decided to learn the skill's of both parents.

Ariana has a Pseudo-Dragon familiar named Kyrie. They have been together, her and Kyrie, for 27 years... Kyrie is quite playful, and very sweet. Ariana is a very maternal woman with an extremely protective nature, and though her and Starchaser are the same age, Ariana is referred to as the 'big' sister. Ariana is very much a lady, very playful in a scampy way... and a playful flirt with those she is close to. Ariana plays the Harp, and sings quite well... having led the village campfire songs for many moons. Ariana is also known as the best cook in the village, she loves feeding those she cares for... which is the whole village.

She has a Unicorn friend named Silvermoon. Ariana is 5' tall, has Silver Hair and Amber eyes. She is buxom, by Elven standards... and walks with dignity and grace. She also excels in diplomacy, being a speaker for the village. Ariana's best friend is Cassandra Shauvree, a Gold Elf Cleric/ILLusionist, who is like a sister to her. Ariana has another close friend who's name is Galen Kaliff, a Gold Elf Ranger/Druid she saved when he was a child. Galen is almost like a brother to her. Ariana's favorite gem is Blue Star Sapphire, her favorite star is the one her family was named after.. Eleron, and she was born on April 1st.

Ariana's hobbies are Singing, Dancing, Cooking, Working with gems, and being with people... she likes to travel and help others, but also enjoys homelife. Ariana's favorite colors are Blue, Silver and Red... in that order. She speaks the Common, Elven, Silver Dragon, Drow, Unicorn and Nymph languages. She took up the drow language soon after having saved a drow child from lizard men with the help of Galen, seeing a glint of promise in the young drows eyes inspired them to learn. It turns out the young drow was Josh Nuvea, who later, became a secret guardian of Moonsea known to them as the Nightshadow. Her alignment is Neutral-Good, she uses a Broadsword and Longsword when she must battle... and always carries a pair of Silver Daggers. Her main weapon is wit, being highly intelligent and wise, and she prefers magic over swords. Ariana's only hatreds are Evil Giants, braggarts, and bigots, though she does not let her hatred consume her. A clear head maintains a clear conscience.



From a fairly normal family I was raised, my twin sister and I actually very close friends without the sibling rivalry known to most.

About seventy years ago my friend Galen and myself as well as a few others were out hunting when we came across a group of lizardmen attacking a small male drow child. Having heard there were Drow in the area, but aside from a few very random attacks on nearby villages we had never had any proof that they actually were in the area until we saw him. Knowing if we took the young lad back to our village we would be inviting the masses of Drow attack parties to our very doors, we instead let him lead us back to where he had come above ground from. Fascinated by the child during the trip, and frustrated by not being able to communicate with him, I made the decision then and there to learn his language to the best of my ability. My heart breaking at the look of resignation on his face as we approached the entrance to his city, I gave him a hug. Never will I forget the look of wonder that came over his face, nor will I forget the tears shimmering in his green eyes before he hugged me back. Watching until he was safely within his own envirement, away from the glaring sun that had been stinging and burning his eyes all day I felt the urge to cry, feeling never again would I see the young boy who wide eyed curiosity about us had taught me to not believe just the old legends of a sister race, but to instead, get to know its people.

Many many tens of years later during hard times for our village, times when the Drow city had realised we were there and sent raiding parties to our door in an effort to train their younger troops, we inherited a champion. Known only to us as Nightshadow. Our champion drove most of the smaller raiding parties away from our village, the larger ones he gave us warning of and helped us to defeat. As time went on the raiding parties got ever larger, and eventually Night shadow disappeared, we all feared the worst for him, especially my best friend Cassandra who seemed to truly love a man she had indeed never met, but who had often left her small presents and notes outside her home.

Shortly thereafter, tired and woreout from the constant attacks on the village, we made the decision to move. For weeks we traveled until we came upon an area that we renamed Moonsea, and rebuilt our homes. And tried to rebuild our lives. For many a number of years we lived peacefully, trading with neighboring towns and getting settled into our lives.

Then about 10 years ago, the drow returned, or at least another group of them did. The attacks started randomly, hitting the small village about every six weeks. The village elders sent the guards out during the day to hunt for them, knowing they were weaker when in the bright sun. One morning I was called to the councils chamber, as I had made good on my promise to learn Drow, they needed me to interpret for a drow the guard had captured early that morning. As I entered the room that they awaited me in, I could see the "prisoner". Stripped of his armor and weapons, which were tossed on a table nearby, he stood shackled, in plain clothes the guards had provided for him. Viewing him from behind I could see he was a rather large male when you consider the height and weight of most drow. When he turned hearing the door open and close, Im sure my eyes widened and jaw dropped. He was quite literally the most handsome man I had ever seen. White haired, green eyed and very dark skinned he had a neat mustache, a feature I had never seen on an elf before. His eyes while resigned and frustration filled had a kindness in them that was calming just to look upon. I approached him and began talking to him, ignoring the nearby guards jeers that the only "good drow" was a dead one. When one guard, Bercoth, actually struck him, I admit I lost my temper, physically throwing all of the guards from the room and promising Bercoth that if he ever did that again to anyone again, I'd personally put him out of all of ours misery.

As I turned back to face the prisoner I couldnt help but note the mirth in his eyes, that was when I realised the gentleman actually did understand at least some of the common tongue. Returning to him I asked why he had not made this known. His reply was that he had never been asked, nor in the hostile manor in which he was taken, did he have the chance,  they had assumed he did not. Then he decided to learn more about these angry elves before he would try again to tell them. And when I joking told him he could have told me versus me attempting to speak with him in his tongue which I was not that familiar with.. thats when I got my first laugh of the day. The man laughed and winked at me,and told me in a gentle teasing tone, that I had been trying so hard he hadnt the heart to tell me that I had no need to speak it, and that from the sounds of it I could use all the practice I could get. Despite the seriousness of the "crimes" he was charged with, I found myself laughing with him. We intorduced ourselves by names, his was Kreel Nuvea, and sat and talked for hours as I explained to him what had been going on in our town and why the guards had taken him into custody. For his part he denied any part of attacking the town, telling me instead he had just left the underdark with a group of friends, All of them being good of heart, and all had rejected Lloths ways of darkness instead they followed another Drow godess Eilistraee, the godess of beauty and song. He swore on his honor as well as his dieties name, he nor his group were involved in any way with the atttacks on our village. That they had just the previous eve left the underdark, and he had wondered off from his group so infatuated with his new surroundings. And when the brilliance of the morning came, he became quite confused and lost, and quickly found himself in the hands of the Elves.

Having interviewed many drow prisoners before, I was quite amazed at his story. As well as the sincerity of his tone, and the look of honesty in his eyes. In all other drow I was used to seeing anger, hatred and loathing. Aside from the young lad so many years before, Indeed this mans eyes reminded me very much of that lad, though I could tell from his age there was no way it was the same person. His eyes held a peacefullness and a kindness I had never witnessed before, as well as an eagerness to be believed, and a look of hope that all was not lost. After making sure he was fed a proper meal I retired for the day, assuring him I would speak to the elders on his behalf. His simple words of thanks echoed a million times over by the look in his gentle eyes. I went and spoke with my parents first, explaining I did honestly believe the mans story, that words that sincere could not be faked. My father went with me to speak to the elders, secure that if I truly felt the man was innocent, then he must be. For long hours he and I spoke with the elders our position spelled out simply but eloquantly. They had the wrong man. The elders, though not as sure as I was that the man was innocent, put off his schedualed execution for dawn the next morning. Content to wait, for if the mans story were true his group would find him and be able to confirm what he had said. If the man lied, they would have the guards prepared should his group attack.

Leaving the elders hall I headed for the jail where Kreel was being held. Entering I moved back to his cell, amazed to find him sitting on his cot his head in his hands, and slightly distraught. When I inquired as to his problem he looked up at me with a wry smile, stating he was having difficulties explaining to the guards, that he wished to have his holy symbol back. It seemed that night was a full moon and Eilistraees holy night. Chiding the guards for their insensativity I retrieved his holy symbol from his personal belongings, and handed it to him explaining, though I could not leave him with it alone, for fear of him breaking out should he be a cleric or priest, I would be happy to sit with him to allow him his religious worship. I could see his eyes well with tears before his hand reached up and touched my hair gently, murmurring that I must be an angel to be so understanding, as his fingers trailed through my hair he smiled correcting himself to that I was a silver angel.

The guards ever demanding insisted someone be in the cell with him as he wasnt to be trusted. Calling them several types of fool I entered the cell and sat in the chair watching and listening for hours as his voice raised in a light crooning barritone, paid homage to his diety in song, his eyes pinned in the full moon outside the cells lone window. I don't know if he noticed then, but I did, his very person seemed to glow and radiate with a peacefulness I truly envied, the holy symbol hanging around his neck and held in his hands glowing with a soft white light. When a short time later I recognised a song he was singing in drow, one that we in our village sang in our tongue I impulsively joined in, attempting to translate the words I knew into the not so familiar language. With a wide smile he turned to me and hugged me our voices harmonizing well depite my occational blunder in tenses. When the song came to an end several of the guards were standing opened mouthed outside the cell, the tune of the song familiar to them as well, one of love, joy, freedom, and family. Their attitude towards Kreel changed then as did most of the towns from hearing a fellow elf call up to his god in song. For the rest of the evening Kreel and I spoke, laughed and playfully teased each other. A few of the guards even joining in when Kreel switched to the common tongue to speak. The evening at that point turned to an in depth lesson on Eilistraee who she was, what she stood for, and what had happened over history. Just before the moon set. Kreel taught me a new song, word by word, line by line, chorus by chorus. That being Eilistraees song. As the moon set and our voices raised together again I felt a peace enter me I had never before expierienced. Kreels hands resting lightly on my shoulders I felt as though my very soul was being embraced and welcomed home. A few hours later Kreel made me go home to rest, though my mind was charged, my body was exhausted from the long day and night. Parting with a slight hug, I left the jailhouse returning to my small home, that feeling of peacefullness still within me like a warm hug. Once home I fell across my bed sleeping for hours, it was near evening by the time I awoke bathed dressed and left back out toward the jail house. I had barely made it onto my front porch when strong arms wrapped around me with a laugh and started twirling me around in mid air. I still have a tendency to blush over the surprised squeal that I shrieked out before I realised it was Kreel twirling me to a state of dizziness. A Kreel that had his armor and weapons back and was walking the streets! Apologizing quickly for startling me he set me back down on my feet, explaining the village elders had released him that morning, he had to stay in town until his friends found him, but after having considered how he spent his night in jail they deemed him no immediate threat. Apparently even putting him up in the Inn instead of the jail house. We had dinner together that evening at the local tavern, and I introduced Kreel to my parents, my sister, Galen and Cassandra. Just as we finished dinner a shout went up front the guards that drow were approaching. Odd considering the guards had never "seen" them approach before. As we entered the street from the tavern Kreel laughed and called out a greeting to the group coming down the street, moving out to meet them and tugging me along behind him. The words were flying between him and the large group of heavily armed mostly female warriors, after a few moments the female in the lead started laughing and shook her head. Trust me this whole conversation left me well aware of exactly how limited my drow language was, as I managed to pick up about one out of every ten words spoken. The elders emerged from thier homes honestly delighted the group was friendly and even better could speak common tongue. Once the situation was sorted out Kreel and his party were invited to stay indefinately..The village accepted them with open arms, as Kreel and his group met with the elders, trackers and merchants trying to locate a city they had been told of to go to.

For several weeks this went on, I admit I used to stand and watch Kreel spar with the soldiers of our village amazed at his reflexes speed and ability. I even once made the error of challanging his friend Shinayne to a spar. A challenge I will never again make. Though Shinayne and Kreel both assured me I did far better against her than most had, suffice it to say, she won.... and I learned to respect the womans abilities greatly and like her very much as a friend. During this time Kreel and I grew alot closer, to the point of my others suiters were wandering off due to the fact I was always with him. I learned much about his life in the underdark and my heart truly ached for him for all that he had been through. This man had made his own life within the underdark, hidden from everyone but his closest friends, to evenually escape. A great warrior who could easily defeat the strongest of our warriors. And the same man who hands and eyes were gentle and kind. Who always had a friendly smile to offer and was willing to lend a helping hand where ever was nessesary. When he asked if he could offically court me my answer was a resounding yes, he had already earned my trust and respect and deep friendship, my heart followed without hesitation, truth be told, he'd already had it.

About two weeks into our courtship Kreel was overjoyed when two of his children, thought lost to him years before, and a few of his grandchildren managed to find our town. Come to find out the young drow lad I had helped to rescue from the lizardmen was Kreel's son Josh. And more amazingly Josh was Nightshadow, our champion from where our village used to lay, he brought his daughter Jennell with him. Very quickly he and Cassandra were a couple, with Josh courting her most avidly. His sister, and Kreel's daughter Jeannia had accompanied him, bringing her twin children Chris and Christy, led to our town by a dream Jeannia had had. For weeks we all met together for dinners at my house, or bonfires that evenutally at some point during the evening the entire town joined in on. It was a very very happy time. About a month after Josh and Jeannia arrived with their children Kreel asked me to marry him. Deeply in love with him and unable to imagine my future without him I agreed. Some in the village felt it not suitable to marry a sister elven race, to those I reminded, this was my life and heart not theirs. Days later Josh and Cassandra announced their engagement. Very quickly a double wedding was set up. Father and son marrying best friends. On our wedding night Kreel gave me a necklace that he had crafted himself made of silver and saphhires it was breathtakingly lovely, only out done by the stunning wedding band he had made for me. The band itself made of silver a diamond unicorn's head, set inside a silver heart, with rose shaped diamonds surrounding the heart. The ring had come out perfectly, the necklace, Kreel used to grumble about, as the delicate clasp that held it was prone to breaking easily.

A few months after we wed I was overjoyed to learn that I was expecting our first child, and Cassandra was expecting hers and Josh's firstborn as well. Josh and Jeannia quickly started calling me "mom" after the news came out, their children calling me grandma to Kreels grandpa. My mother once jokingly told me that only I could attain the title of grandmother before she did.. and that somehow it was very fitting. For the first seven months of my pregnancy everything was wonderful, Kreel was a doting and loving and devoted husband and father to be. Then one night Jeannia was given a dream again. This time of where the City of Moonblade laid in ruins. The city Kreel had been charged by Eilisraee to find and restore. After a long talk and alot of tears it was decided Cassandra and I would stay behind with little Chris, who was not feeling well at the time, as we were too far along in our pregnancies to make the Journey. With a heavy heart I watched as Kreel rode out that day his promise to return well before the baby was do ringing in my ears and giving hope to my aching heart.

For a few months everything was fine, Cassandra and I spoiled Chris rotten and prepared for the babies arrivals. Then one evening about a month before the infants were due, the village came under attack from the Drow again. Gathering Chris and a few of the village children Cassandra, my cousin Bethany who had been visiting, who was also heavy with child, and myself ran from mine and Kreel's home. Just outside the back door we were caught, Cassandra killed instantly by a death spell, Bethany by a viscious woman weilding double swords. Somehow the man that grabbed me had grabbed the necklace that Kreel had given me for my wedding present. Screaming at the children to run I fought him, the clasp, always prone to breaking, broke again freeing me. I fled into the woods with the children my heart breaking at the loss of my best friend and cousin. Finding a secure shelter for myself and the children we huddled together all of us sobbing our hearts out.

A few hours later my labor started, the fear, fright and emotional distress making a very early birth for my daughter. One of the children with me a 13 year old young lady named Meloranie actually birthed her, my grandson Chris, holding my hand crying with me through out the whole ordeal. Born over a month early Maribelle was the tiniest infant I had ever seen. Sickly at the beginning it took months for her to make the decision that she was going to live. During this time I made a few trips back into the town to salvage what I could. There wasnt much left, the invaders had burned nearly everything to the ground. My first trip into Moonsea was three weeks after Maribelle was born. Arriving I noticed graves that had been dug, each painstakingly marked with its owners name. Off to one side stood two graves side by side, as I approached I could feel my heart and soul tear as I read the inscriptions. One done by Josh to his wife and child, the Other bearing my name in Kreels writing, bidding his souls mate fairwell. I have never again felt the grief that I did at that moment, not only that I had missed him while he was in town. But that Kreel would go on to continue believing I was dead. I knew without a doubt, he'd blame himself. I sat by that grave for hours crying and screaming at the gods that what they were doing was not fair, as usual.. the mortals opinion wasnt taken into account. Going and searching what was left of mine and Kreels home, I found my spell book burned to a cinder, magical means of reuniting with Kreel gone, I knew I could not leave out, as Maribelle was too ill, with a heavy heart and tears still flowing I headed back to the children out in the woods. For the next eight years I raised all 8 of them little Maryibelle and Chris included. I will not attempt to tell you every moment was a joy, there were some very trying times being the only adult among so many small children.During these years I would have dreams of talking with Kreel, hearing him ask my advise on things, and on occation just chatting, I know now someone was channeling us, then it was a dream I dreaded waking up from, as he was always never there. Finally it was just Chris and Maribelle and I. The other children having grown into young adult hood leaving out and if a younger sibling was there, taking them with them.

Chris and I had a long talk one night, about finally being able to go find Kreel and Jeannia, Josh, Jennell and Christy. We had agreed , or at least I thought he had, with an eleven year old it is hard to tell, That we would leave the next morning for a town and attmempt to have a mage there locate Moonblade and our family. Maribelle was overjoyed having asked for years who her daddy was. When she had been much younger I had sketched her a picture of Kreel from memory she still has it today resting on her night stand.

The next morning when I awoke, it was to find Chris gone, a simple note saying he was leaving on his own to find his mother, Frantic Maribelle and I quickly packed our things. He had quite a headstart on us,, and with Maribelles shorter legs and tiring easily our Journey took far longer than his. We pressed onward anyway following his rambling trail for months, and Chris sweetheart, much as grandma loves you... we need to have a talk on direction sense love. I lost his trail one day after a heavy rain, and frustrated found the closest town I could. The mayor of it not exactly the friendly sort, luckily the mage was. In short order after hearing my story she sent out word through friends of hers that we sought a city names Moonblade and a young man Chris Nuvea. For a few weeks Maribelle and I stayed with Dimitri, she herself being sweet enough to offer us shelter, as well as to allow me to copy her spell books to replace mine that was burned.

About three weeks into our stay Dimtri recieved word from a friend that Moonblade had been found, and Chris may the gods bless his little heart, had found his way there. My heart pounding I cast the spell that would take me home teleporting Maribelle and I just outside of Moonblade.

The first person I bumped into that I knew was Fairgone, Fairgone was a young, and newly achieved paladin, that was adopted by a human family traveling with a band of elves that had moved into our village, for a short while, when he was a child. Later to return and courted me for awhile back before I married Kreel, but knew in his heart as I did, that my heart only belonged to one man. He and Kreel had been close in Moonsea, as Josh had been Fairgones best friend. Learning from Fairgone, that Kreel had married nearly killed me.

I understood he thought me dead, and did not blame him yet at the same time, it seemed so unfair to find him, just to know I could not have him. For many weeks Maribelle and I stayed with Fairgone his wife and child, the queen was missing and I was not about to present myself before Kreel and confuse and hurt him further. After nearly a month and a half the queen returned. And though I know not why, soon after she and Kreel were divorced. Kreel merely states that they grew apart as a couple.

A couple of weeks went by before I sought Kreel out having heard he was not doing well. One morning running into town quickly for Brytnny, I heard him in the temple his voice raised in anger. Unable to help myself I slipped in to catch my first glance at the man I had dreamed of for so many years. Once I saw him, angry, confused and hurt there was no way I could leave. He was speaking with a lady I now know to be named Cyannae and was very agitated about something. As I approached him he turned to leave literally bumping into me. The poor man looked as though hed seen a ghost, which I suppose he thought he was seeing, considering he thought me dead. It took a long while to convince him with Cyannae's help that I was not an apparition and was indeed Ariana, his old wife. Since we have reunited, we have grown very close once again, Kreel is and always will be the only man my heart loves, his arms the only ones I will call home. I suppose at some point we should renew our vows, since he has been married while I was supposedly dead. But I have always considered him my husband, I wear the same ring that he placed on my hand over nine years ago. To me he is still my husband and always will be.

I am very greatful actually to Achikae and to Opal for having given him life and love while I was gone. Especailly to Achikae, who somehow managed to find a way to channel us. And allow me to on occation speak with him and tell him I loved him. For now we are rediscovering each other, Kreel is still hurting from the breakup of his marriage to Opal a lovely woman whom he did love dearly, and still loves and repects highly to this day. And he is still my ussta ssussun.. my light. And the love of my life. And I his Silver Angel as he calls me... sent to watch over him.

Kreel and I have set a date, to rekindle our marriage vows. I look forward to it, so very much. Maribelle will of course be our flower girl. Josh has found a wonderful lady named Angie, she's been so wonderful.

Things are suddenly not so good in Moonblade, many dear friends have suddenly disappeared. Brytnny, Fairgone's wife was one of the first! But now Angie, and even Taldor, the dragon is gone. I don't want to worry Kreel, but I feel I must, as a ranger check this out for my self. I hope that I will find what has gone wrong. I will return as soon as I can.

((Sadly, this was the last anyone heard from Lady Ariana, now presumed dead, for no magical means can find her, like she does not exist anymore. It has now been over three years.))


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