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Welcome to the City of Moonblade's Forum info page.


Welcome to CoMB, the City of Moonblade. We are a forum whose members are dedicated to peace. All members are Good or Neutral, and accepting of others, no matter what race, gender, religion, or position in life. Our rules are simple, treat others with respect and kindness. Act with honor, and follow a path of peace.

Guilds that join us are either of Light or Neutral alignment. We realize that when accepting a guild we can not make all of it's members follow light or neutral beliefs, but any of dark alignment Have to follow our rules or their GC will be asked to remove them from the guild.

If you are a guild, looking to join us, please contact Shimmer.

If you are wanting to join the City itself we have many postions open, in some ways like a guild, and freelance agents. please contact Shimmer.

For those guilds that wish to join us:

For XP pool, we will give you a base of 500XP, plus and additional 150 per member. If you are changing Forums, then we will discuss how to make the change as easy as possible, with as little loss of XP as possible.

Guilds earn monthly xp as a guild to be used as the GC sees fit. We trust you will be wise and fair in it's use. It can be used to give newcomers higher dice then d20, or as rewards for tourneys, or an job done exceptionally well. This xp is sent out once a month on the first of the month, no later then the 3rd. But to get it, ShimmerMUST get a guild roster from you.

For those who send a guild to us, and said guild is accepted, you earn xp as follows:
"Freelance" memeber of CoMB: 20 xp per member in guild.
Member of guild in CoMB: 20 xp per member in guild for you personally, as well as 20 xp per member in guild that goes to your guilds xp guild pool


2d20=0 exp's 2d21=10exp's 2d22=20exp's 2d23=40exp's
2d24=60exp's 2d25=80exp's 2d26=100exp's 2d27=125exp's
2d28=150exp's 2d29=175exp's 2d30=200exp's 2d31=225exp's
2d32=250exp's 2d33=275exp's 2d34=300exp's 2d35=350exp's
2d36=400pts 2d37=450exp's 2d38=500exp's 2d39=600exp's
2d40=700exp's 2d41=800exp's 2d42=900exp's 2d43=1000exp's
2d44=1500exp's 2d45=2000exp's 2d46=2500exp's 2d47=3000exp's
2d48=3500exp's 2d49=4000exp's 2d50=4500exp's 2d51=5000exp's
2d52=5500exp's 2d53=6000exp's 2d54=6500exp's 2d55=7000exp's
2d56=7500exp's 2d57=8000exp's 2d58=8500exp's 2d59=9000exp's
2d60=10,000exp's 2d61=11,000exp's 2d62=12,000exp's 2d63=13,000exp's
2d64=14,000exp's 2d65=15,000exp's 2d66=16,000exp's 2d67=17,000exp's
2d68=18,000exp's 2d69=19,000exp's 2d70=20,000exp's 2d71=22,500exp's
2d72=25,000exp's 2d73=27,500exp's 2d74=30,000exp's 2d75=32,500exp's
2d76=35,000exp's 2d77=37,500exp's 2d78=40,000exp's 2d79=45,000exp's
2d80=50,000exp's 2d81=55,000exp's 2d82=60,000exp's 2d83=65,000exp's
2d84=70,000exp's 2d85=75,000exp's 2d86=80,000exp's 2d87=85,000exp's
2d88=90,000exp's 2d89=95,000pts 2d90=100,000exp's 2d91=200,000exp's
2d92=300,000exp's 2d93=400,000exp's 2d94=500,000exp's 2d95=600,000exp's
2d96=700,000exp's 2d97=800,000exp's 2d98=900,000exp's 2d98=1,000,000exp's
2d99=1,250,000exp's 2d100=1,500,000(!)exp's
Number of Dice one recieves work as follows:

Humans, Elves, Dwarves, etc., 2dxx
Half-Breeds, Imortals 3dxx
Vampire,Werewolves,Dragons, and other Super Natural 4dxx

XP is for Spars and Matches is gained the following way:

Spars: If you win - Multiply 5 times the difference in the score. I.E. if you win by 5 points, you get 25 XP 5x5.
If you lose you get 2 XP ( this is because if the winner wins by 1 point, it is not fair that both winner and loser get same XP amount)

Mass spar- If you win a MS, then you take the sides of the highest dice, multiply by the number of people, then multiply by 5. (I.E. you are winner of a MS that has 8 people, highest dice used were d50. You multiply 50 x 8 getting 400, then that by 5, getting 2,000 xp total.)) If you lose a MS, you get 20 xp.

SM: If you win- Multiply 10 times the difference in score.
If you lose- 6 XP

HM/RM If you win- Multiply 15 times the difference in score
If you lose- 12 XP

DM: Multiply 20 times the difference.

All Spars and Matches must be logged and sent to the Queen, (SN: Lady 0paI),
for verification. All Matches MUST have a proctor present. Death Matches MUST also have two witnesses, one for each participant.

XP for recruiting a person into guild or forum: 25
XP for making contacts that lead to an alliance between CoMB and a guild or forum: 500
XP for recruiting a guild into CoMB: See above
XP for rezz 1000 *
XP for marriages 500 *
XP for divorces 500 *
XP for midwifing 500 *

* these are available only to those with the proper skills.

Dice Scoring:
1-14=0 15-19=1 20-24=2 25-29=3 30-34=4 35-39=5 40-44=6 45-49=7
50-54=8 55-59=9 60-64=10 65-69=11 70-74=12 75-79=13 80-84=14 85-89=15 90=16 91=17 92=18 93=19 94=20 95=21 96=22 97=23 98=24 99=25 100=26


NOTE: The followin information is here because we realize that a guild may get into a war with a guild from another Forum. MOCK War is allowed, with approval from Sir Kreel, Ariana Nuvea and Shimmertd. There will be NO war between guilds in this forum, nor are Assassination Attempts allowed by members of this forum towards another member of this forum. Should it be discovered that a Guild or a Member of this forum has done such, action will be taken against that person or persons.

1) POW's:
When you lose a fight during a war (usually is a DM), you become a POW of the side you lost to. You gain 5 exps, and stay a POW for a number of days equal to the number of points by which you lost the fight.

2) Victory Assessment:
When one side of war loses,or concedes defeat, the victor receives Exp's based on the following formula: # of members in Victor guild-minus-# of non-PoW members in defeated guild x 100=points gained by Victor.
( i.e.: if there are 45 members in the victorious guild, and only 19 members left in the defeated guild who aren't PoW's, then the victors receive (26x100)=2600 points to be divided EVENLY amongst all Members of the guild. In the case of our example guild, they would receive 57 points per member, in addition to the DM points their members won during the conflict.

III. Ressurections:
Ressurections are to be done as follows: There must be at least one Priest/Priestess there, a Paladin is acceptable replacement for a Priest or Priestess concidering they are a Holy Warrior for their diety. You will also need at least one healer. Within 5 rolls per Priest/Priestess, the group must reach a total score of 40 to bring the soul back into the body. Then the Healer must heal the body so that death from shock does not occur.
((Mun note, please make these interesting. Just sitting there rolling is no fun for any involved)) You must use your CoMB Dice and have Priest/Priestess or Healer listed in your profile. Just because one is in the Guard or a Common Citizen does NOT mean your are not also a Priest/Priestess or Healer, we realize this fully.


Seek out the aid of the very rare,.. dragon of healing,... the Twilight Dragon.
These dragons have three kinds of breath. The most commonly used, is the breath of healing. This breath can be as simple as a small whisp of shimmering air to heal lighter wounds, to a very powerful breath from well within the dragons body, strong enough to return life, (IF done within a week of the death). But this second, powerful breath, takes
much from the dragon, and it must rest for as many days as the body was dead.

V. Assassination Attempts.
A) The Warning:
When an Assassin has a target in sight (i.e., in the same room), he sends the target an IM stating that he is the target of an Assassination. If IM's are off the assassin may announce his/her intent in the room.
B) Defense:
The victim is entitled 1 chance at avoiding the Assassination. After the MUN receives the IM, he may roll a Perception Check (based on 2d20), but must score 2 points (i.e., a 20, or a 15+ on BOTH dice) to notice that something is amiss. If the target character makes it (a score of 2 points or better) they may chose to fight, dodge or flee. If they chose
to dodge, they wait till the assassin attacks and then state :: dodges:: and rolls their guild or personal dice. In order for the dodge to work they must roll at least 1 point higher on one of their dice than the highest die the assssin rolled. (i.e., assassin rolled a 16 28 , and
the target rolled a 5 29 so the dodge was successful. Kind of like a saving throw from ADD. If a Dodge is successful no damage is incurred. The assassin can't dodge a dodge as she/he used their move already for the round by attacking. If the Perception check fails, the Character does NOT know they have been targeted.

The Attack:
The Assassin then states his Attempt to kill, ( i.e.:
::Fires poisoned dart at Joe456's chest::) . The Targets MUN now knows his SN has been targeted BUT can DO NOTHING about it, as in the RPG sense, the Target Character has no clue what is happening, Unless the have made their perception check. The assassin then rolls His dice. Now
the more powerful the target, the more points are required to kill him, based on his or her dice (Example, if your target has 2d20, he gets killed on a 5 point hit, and this goes up at a ratio of 10 to 1 {2d30= 6; 2d40=7 ;2d50=8 etc.} so, it gets hardr to kill a more experienced target. Double these amounts if the target is a supernatural. IF he succeeds then the target is dead. If he fails but hits, the target now knows something is up and can chose as before to fight, dodge the next
attack, or flee, And the damage incurred Count towards a DM if one begins. A Dodge must be attempted and succeed in order to avoid the damage of that attack completely) All Assassins engaged in a DM due to being spotted, fight with their guild dice. The assassin can chose to run at any point unless it is RPGed out that he/she has become trapped.

AA- Proof:
In Order for an assassin to prove that they researched their victim they must send 3 logs from different days in which they (or someone they hired, such as a spy) watched the victim, in with the log of the actual successful AA in order to receive their exp.'s for it. If no logs are gotten then the Asassin is considered a "Murderer"

AA- bodyguards:
OK, Here is the Bodyguard rule: If a person has "bodyguard to XXXXX" in there profile, they are also allowed to make perception rolls but only if they were already in the room and if they fail they can't attempt to help the person they are body guard too.

Mass AA:
OK, all a Mass AA is, is where 2 or 3 assassins Gang up to AA someone. This is usually only done, when you are trying to kill someone very powerful, like a High Dice Super. All the standard rules for Normal AA's Apply to the mass AA.
Assassins Exp.'s :
An AA is worth exp.. A guild can pay the assassin exp. there guild exp
Starting Fees for Assassins V.S Dice of Victim:
2d20 to 25-50xps or 50-100xps~~~~~~2d26 to 30-100xps or 60-200xps
2d31 to 35-150xps or 70-300xps~~~~~ 2d36 to40-200xps or 80-400xps
2d41 to 45-250xps or 90-500xps~~~~~~2d46 to 50-300xps or 100-600xps
2d51 to 55-350xps or 110-700xps~~~~~2d56 to 60-400xps or 120-800xps
2d61 to 65-450xps or 130-900xps~~~~~2d66 to 70-500xps or 140-1000xps
2d71 to 75-550xps or 150-1100xps~~~~2d76 to 80-600xps or 160-1200xps
2d81 to 85-650xps or 170-1300xps~~~~2d86 to 90-700xps or 180-1400xps
2d91 to 95-750xps or 190-1500xps~~~~2d96 to 100-800xps or 200-1600xps
Double all these figures if the target is a supernatural or over 2D as mortals can achieve supernatural streingth. Also, heh, a good haggler of prices can get more for the jobs, but you can trade in favors too. It is the Assassins choice. (note as it can be easy to get killed by an assassin we have created "priests" who can resurrect victims of assassins, but if an assassin get killed during an AA attempt he/she can NOT
be resurrected ))

VI. Spies. /Thieves
At this point I would like to discuss spies. For now it is up to the spy and the costumer to figure out between them what the value of the information is worth and then they can set upon a fee by which the spy will be paid. All spies for now are paid in exp. but the customer can only take out of there own exp. pool. Unless it is the case of a GC trying to gather information for all the guild then they can take from the guild exp. pool

Thieves can only attempt to steal from each person once per day to do so you must state your action and roll perception, then the victim must roll his/her perception to see if they catch you (perception check is 2D20 ) for every 20 gold you want to steal your sides go down 1 ex: if you want to steal 100gps your dice are normally say 2D45 then you would roll 2D40 OK. if you want to steal weapons or armer your dice are halved
as those items are very hard to steal. Also in a theft attempt you roll 1sides on your dice And we can never stress enough NO stealing or AAing on a working proctor ever!

VII. Healers
Healers use their CoMB dice for healings. You need to find out from the mun how much damage was taken by the person you are attempting to heal. You must roll, useing CoMB dice. To heal totally, you must reach or exceed the amount of damage done with you heals. To get xp for the heal, you need to send a log, state the amount of damage that you were trying to heal, and the total amount you healed. XP is gained at 2 xp points per point of damage healed. It may not sound like much, but it quickly adds up, believe me.

VIII Assisting people
We all know that not all fights occur in a spar or match. There are times when someone is in trouble in a room and needs our assistance. Just because it is not a spar or match, does not mean you should not get xps credit for it. Therefor, if you are in a room and a fight breaks out and you go to help, and dice are being used, send Shimmertd the log and she will give you xps dependant on the circumstances and how much you assisted.

**We are also working on a new money system for those guilds that wish to use it.**


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