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Basic History


The City of Moonblade

This is the very shortened, version of the History of Moonblade. If you wish to learn more detail about this city's colorful history, then please check out:


                Ancient History 

The Reawakening

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The Basic History of Moonblade



Once a grand and thriving drow city, who's people happily danced in the silvery Moonlight, while surrounded by sparkling fireflies. Their hearts were full of generosity and kindness,.. for these were the teachings of their wondrous goddess, Eilistraee,,.. Goddess of beauty and song. When she was pleased, she would appear within the flames of ceremonial fires and dance with her people.

That was the way of the drow, in the ancient days, but sadly,.. the people were fooled by the evil spider goddess, Lolth. Following Lolth's evil ways, the drow were soon driven below the surface world to fester in Lolth's hateful ways. And so the grand city fell to ruin.

But,.. not all drow were swayed by the evil, empty promises of power. Those rare drow held their beliefs faithfully,.. but in secret, for those that were found, were unmercifully set upon, and given fates so horribly cruel in both body and soul, that went well beyond the mortal imagination. But these faithful followers of Eilistraee refused to give up the dream of one day returning to the beauty of the surface world once again....


Finally,.. after many centuries,... There arose champions of Eilistraee,...


Kreel ,..a noble male drow who's high spirit and skills gained him the highest position and rank allowed to a male, within the evil dark elves underground city of Abboth,...Weapon Master. These evil drow had no knowledge of the truth hidden well within his heart. He began slowly and carefully spreading his knowledge of the almost forgotten truth of Eilistraee, to those closest to him,.. the elite solders under him, and his two youngest children. This formidable group was known as the Black Dragons.

Viyia,..a feisty female whose admiration for Kreel pulled her from the dark clutches of Lolth and into the loving arms of Eilistraee. And who's skill placed her 2nd in command of the Black Dragons.







Shinayne,..a very cunning female, leader of the powerful Yothlow mercenary band of Abboth. In secret,. they too were spreading the word of Eilistraee, and gaining new members, growing stronger each year.

Shalethra,.. a spunky female wizard of great abilities. Faithful member of the Black Dragons, with a great knack for finding information, and driving the Lolth drow mad,. without getting into too much trouble!

Lady Dhania,.. a gentle female, who has recently gained the extremely rare title of Grand High Priestess of Eilistraee. Her almost unearthly beauty,. complements her title, appearing as a mortal version of her beloved Deity.


When fate finally brought these two groups together, they knew that Lady Dhania's new powerful title would not allow them to stay hidden within the underdark safely any longer.

So Kreel and Shinayne worked together to help Kreel and his band free from the powerful house they served. escaping without a trace.

Once free, the two groups went there separate ways promising to keep in contact.

Kreel and the Black Dragons went to the surface world, a place they thought that they would never truly see,.. Suddenly the empty blackness turned into a wondrous blanket of glimmering tiny orbs dancing slowly, high above, and the air full of sweet scents flowing on a soft breeze.

By given dreams, the Dragons and Yothlows were reunited again, and were lead to the ruins of the once great city of Moonblade. To reawaken it once more and make this their new home, and turn it into the safe and welcoming place for any of good heart once more. With almost 200 drow,.. the city was quickly restored back to it's wondrous beauty. And they also found the sleeping guardian of Moonblade, an extremely rare creature, the twilight dragon. This magnificent ancient dragon, Shimmer , proved to be a faithful ally and friend.






The city has grown strong,.. and indeed, has become a safe home for those that wished to make it so. If you wish to call Moonblade your home,...Please seek out Shimmer herself, at for an application..

Make sure that the subject is: "CoMB: Freelance application"


If you wish for more information, the subject should be:. "CoMB: Information"

Please understand that without these subjects, your E-mail could get lost among the massive amounts of junk mail Shimmer gets. If you do not hear from here within a week, please resend your letter.

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