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Chris Nuvea



Grand-prince of the City of Moonblade (CoMB)


Name:  Chris Nuvea

Location:  City of Moonblade

Race: Drow, (Dark Elf)

Hair Color:  Pearl white

Eye Color:  Emerald Green

Height: 5'1

Build: Slender

Age: Elven 18

Favorite Things To Do:   Though he's an exceptionally shy young man, he enjoys making new friends and can be quite friendly. He loves swimming, dancing, gem cutting & metal work, Sparing with his Grandfather, Sir Kreel, and spending time with his family and friends. He also enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, a young lady by the name of Maria.



Chris was born on the surface. His mother, fled the underdark, taking advantage of an avalanche. He was born just minutes before his twin sister, Christy. The two very close, and share a very special bound, seeming to be able to scene each other's feelings even when they are not close together. They were raised on the surface by his mother, Jeannia, and his uncle Josh, and his uncle's daughter, Jennell.

They spent years staying hidden from the surface dwellers, knowing of the understandable hatred of their people, the drow, by the surface dwellers. But they also traveled, hunting for a certain elven village that his uncle had befriended as their secret guardian. That village gave hope that they would find friendship here on the surface world, ... if they could just find it.

When he was about six, his mother finally received a dream, given by their goddess, Eilistraee. This dream led them to the village that they had been seeking, but also even more joy, for they found that his grandfather, Kreel, and many of his friends, had come to the surface and managed to befriend the Moonsea village. Chris and his sister were thrilled on the day they became a part of a double wedding ceremony, joining his uncle, and grandfather to two wonderful gray elven maids.

About 8 mouths after the wedding, his grandfather received his own dream, alone with his mother and a grand high priestess of Eilistraee. This dream set them on another hunt, ... this time, the search for fallen city of Moonblade. But the wives of his grandfather and uncle were heave with child and they had to stay. Chris still very young and had been slightly ill, stayed behind in the village, but his sister, dreaming of being a priestess like their mother, went with them.

Not quite two months later, the village was attacked by drow of Lolth. They were highly intend on killing everyone. He had awoken to the screams of the terrified villages desperately fighting for their lives. He came out of his room just in time to see the hateful drow burst into their house, attacking his uncle's pregnant wife, Cassandra, and slaying her and her cousin, also with child. Another reached for Ariana, his grandfather's wife, again caring a child, but she was able to dodge, and all they grabbed was her necklace, which promptly broke, giving her the chance to flee. She spun and ran for Chris and pulled him behind her. They jumped through a window in the back of the house and headed out of the village. Ariana and Chris gaining a few other running children and they fled deep into the forest.

The terror and stress caused Ariana to go into early labor, and had to help another slightly older child bring the new born into the world. Both infant and mother were very week for many weeks after that, and the older children had to help keep everyone fed. Finally, Ariana was ready to return to the village to see what was left if anything. She returned with even more upsetting information. ... Kreel and the others had returned and found the village destroyed. They had buried everyone, and made graves. A memorial to the village was set by them and graves bearing even Ariana's and Chris's name were set. This told them that they would not be returning, and thought to be dead. They wanted to find them, but they could not travel yet. Ariana was not ready to travel great distances, and Maribell, Ariana's new born infant, was in no way ready to move on.

It was many years before they were ready to start out, having decided to raise the surviving children. Once able to travel, they set out in hopes of finding his mother and the others. Ariana wanted to go to a small city, to see what they might be able to do help find them. But Chris had an odd, "pulling" in his heart. Ariana asked him to wait and let them go to the city. But fearing that he would lose the "feeling" he went off alone without her, thinking to only go so far. But the pull was just so strong, ... Just a little farther! ... So Chris left Ariana farther and father behind.

Finally Chris found that his feelings were true, and found to his great happiness, that his mother and family were indeed in the city of Moonblade. He was overwhelmed with joy at finding them again. Shortly Ariana, being able to track him, but slowed by her young daughter, came a few days later, and was highly welcomed.

Reunited with his family, and with Ariana's coming to Moonblade, the entire family was thrilled at the up coming reuniting wedding vows of his grandfather and Araina. As the wedding came closer, many close friends suddenly started to disappear. Then Ariana as well, vanished without a trace. When magic was used, it was if she, and the others never existed, usually meaning, death. Years passed slowly, but no more information could be found. Slowly each who lost a loved one, was forced to accept the horrible fact, that those missing would never be seen again.

Chris and his grandfather, Kreel, shared a very close bound, both sharing the heartache of the loss of Araina. As time passed, Chris grew into a fine young man, and on his sixteenth birthday, Chris achieved his dream of paladinship.

Now, eighteen, almost nineteen, Chris has become quite a happy and friendly fellow. He met a very sweet young lady by the name of Maria, spending as much time as he can with her. After several months of a growing friendship, Chris, shy as he is, asked her to be his girlfriend. Only time can tell what else might come.


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