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Fairgone Shalane

Fairgone, is a very handsome human male, appearing to be around the age of 24. His eyes are brilliant leaf green, with soft locks of light brown hair, surrounding his youthful face.

He is a playful, happy-go-lucky fellow, who has a very kind, giving, and loving heart. He enjoys making new friends and seems rather bold at times, though when he meets a lady that he really seems to like, his shyness hits him hard. He has a great love of the orient, tigers, dragons, fine wines and true ladies.

He is very shy of using his last name due to his family's history. ((See history below))

He is quite a skilled paladin, though his youthful features and manners can fool his enemies. He is a loyal follower of Paladine, and a devoted champion of those in need. He has become a member of the Royal council in the city of Moonblade where he in living at this time.

His Holy sword's name is Mamo'ru Mu'jaki na (Defender of the innocent), it is the most cherished type of sword of the orient, the Katana, a symbol of honor to many of the Orient. He was given the sword by an old samurai, after Fairgone almost lost his life defending the man's granddaughter, the man had no sons and wished his families sword to continue in the hands of honor.

The most dangerous part of his life had been often being mistaken for his twin brother, Gregg Shalane, who had followed their father's sadistic ways of evil on his wonderings of Rhydin, creating mutable sworn enemies frequently mistaking the innocent Fairgone as Gregg. However, he is thankful that there seems to have been a great change in his brother who had found Fairgone, and had evil intentions at first, only to find the ways of the good people of his brother's chosen home to be appealing. Soon Fairgone's brother appeared to have dropped his evil ways, and even married a sweet young lady by the name of Amber. Soon Fairgone had little nieces and nephews to add to his joy.

He has been seeking a fun, kindhearted, and loving lady to fulfill his dreams, and found even more then that, in his young and lovely new bride by the name of Brytnny.




He is the renegade son of the tyrant king, Morgan Shalane, of the city of Mancolen. At the early age of five, Fairgone witnessed the strangulation of his beloved mother, by his own father, as a warning to him of his growing softness. Though this instead, only made him want to be even more different from his dark paladin father.

As a young boy, he was not allowed to make any friends, he was to only associate with his mentors and his cruel twin brother. But he still found ways to make secret friendships, and often snuck off as much as he could.

At the age of 10, his father discovered one of his closest friendships, and ordered the house burnt, with the entire family inside. But unknown to his father, Fairgone had over heard the terrible plans and set his own course of actions with the help of the family. Using the burning house, and a bit of magic, he and the family managed to escape together, leading his father to believe that he too had been killed in the fire along with his friends. Morgan had no knowledge of the magic the father of Fairgone's friend had held, being a rising mage of power himself, nor did he know of the secret friendship, and bond his own red dragon, Rynn, had with the family. (But that's another story)

The family soon took Fairgone in as their own, seeing that the boy's heart was in no way like that of his father's. They moved to an elven village by the name of Greentree and kept hidden from his father.

As Fairgone grew into a young man, he chose the ways of a paladin, as did his adopted brother, Shea, and sister, Ariel. Their youngest sister, Kelly, a very gentle young priestess of Hanali, was the only true blooded child of the good hearted wizard, Mallic, and his beloved wife Katie. They were quite a happy family and enjoyed questing lightly and exploring together. This lead to their travels across the realms, and soon Fairgone found is love of the Orient, spending more and more time there.

During one of their visits, Fairgone discovered a young maiden in critical peril at the hands of a dragon. Having no time to find aid, Fairgone was forced to defeat the beast single handedly, though at high cost to himself. At the end of the battle, only his will to keep going helped him vanquish the creature before he lost conciseness. When he awoke, he found himself safe, in the healing hands of the maiden's aged father in their home.

The elderly man, Miko Kikushu, was so pleased with Fairgone as they both grew to know each other, that the old man, took him in as well, and taught him many of his families traditions, and even the honor of teaching him the sacred fighting style of the family. Miko had only his one daughter who was no fighter, so when the old man knew it was close to his time to pass from this world, he called to Fairgone and gave him the family sward, a very impressive Katana, named Mamo'ru Mu'jaki na,  to carry the honor of the family.

As the years passed, he continued to honor the Kikushu Family's Name, as best he could. In time, however, he discovered on odd thing, ... he did not age. He never truly found out why or who had given him and his family elven life spans, but he had his suspicions.

He began traveling once more, but when he came to a newly rebuilt city called Moonblade, full of remarkably kind and peaceful people, ruled by the fair hand of good hearted drow, he felt the time had come to settle down for a time at least. He was utterly delighted to find that this wonderful city had a section  dedicated to the Orient, and quickly bought himself a large home, hoping someday to share it with one he would love.

Not too long after that, he found a common interest with the Royal family, they both had tigers, that found a great liking toward each other. Soon Fairgone and prince Josh, became close friends, and not long after that he became a member of the city's Royal Council.

A few months later, love found Fairgone in a lovely lady by the name of Britney, and they were happily wed, and soon she was with child after that.

Things were going so very well for him, but one day, he was quite surprised to find that his evil twin had wondered into the city, and that his new, very pregnant wife had confronted him. But oddly enough he found that Gregg seemed to like the ways of the peaceful people of the city and did not appear to want to harm anyone any longer. Soon he found that being mistaken for Fairgone, Gregg found what he had been missing all his years.

In the next few months however, Fairgone noticed that many people seemed to disappear all within those few short month,. the Kings love, Ariana, the prince's wife Angie, Ever the great dragon, Taldor. Then it was his brother's new girlfriend that disappeared, and to his heart's devastation, shortly after his beloved Britny gave birth to their daughter, she and the new born babe too disappeared.

After that, things seemed to settle back down in time, but though his heart refused to believe it, some part of him, deep inside, feared that his brother Gregg might have had something to do with all of the losses. But then Gregg surprised everyone not too long after all that, finding a lovely lady named Amber, and her two tiny twins. Soon, they were married, and within a year's time gave Fairgone another set of twins, another niece and nephew to enjoy. Dispelling all his fears.

But not long again after Fairgone's niece and nephew were born, Gregg suddenly disappeared himself, though all knew where he was headed, he had left a note to Amber that he was off to face his father and end the tyrant's ways. But soon after, rumors started, that Gregg indeed might have been the one responsible in the disappearing loved ones, and now another rumor too, that his brother was now going to aid their father in an attack against Moonblade itself.

Fairgone was torn in many directions, to go after his brother, and stop him, sending him back to his family, and take Gregg's quest up himself. But what if he could not find him, leaving Amber with no one? What right did he have to stop Gregg from doing what he knew needed to be done? ... After all, it was his dream as well, to free the realms of their evil father, and free the city of Mancolen as well. Or worst of all, ... what if he was not planning to go against their father, but as the rumor stated, ... to aid him in an attack? Who then again, would care for Amber and her children? He chose to take it upon himself to do all that he could to comfort Amber, and hope along with her that the rumors where untrue. He had to believe in his brother, if for no other reason ... for poor Amber and the children who loved Gregg so very much.

With so much on his mind, he was quite surprised to find a young lady who seems to have caught his attentions very quickly. Would this feisty lady Savannah be his new love? ... He could only hope.


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