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Kreel Nuvea,
King of Moonblade

      He is a noble male drow, paladin King of the city of Moonblade, (CoMB), who's heart refused to submit to the sadistic teachings of drow following the cruel spider Goddess, Lolth. Instead he strove to escape the empty, loveless world of the underdark, and serve his compassionate goddess, Eilistraee, Goddess of beauty and song. He is a kind hearted, fun loving gentleman, that loves his family, friends and his people fiercely. His family is his life and soul.

      His family members are, his eldest son Josh , daughter Jeannia, both sired in the underdark, Jeannia's twins, Christy and Chris and Josh's daughter, Jennell. Then from marriages upon the surface, Merribelle, the twins, Zackery and Kyrie, then, Hann, the his youngest, Heather. Adopted into the family is Viyia during his time in the underdark, Then,  V Amy Rose, Zavita, Malissa, Altan, Bonnie and Wind.

      He does not relish being king, in fact he has been known from time to time to sneak out of the castle to make new friends, and just be himself, much to his followers worry.

      He has had a very hard romance life, having been a patron to a very cruel matron in the underdark, then once on the surface, married three times. But his spirit is strong and refuses to give up hope for a lasting love.

      At long last, he had met a wonderful elven maiden, by the name of Fyre Kinreau, who has fully stolen his heart. and they plan to wed very soon.

Lady Fyre Kinreau

His History

      While living in the drow city of Abboth, he hid well his true heart, and dreams, but never gave them up. So the evil drow of Lolth,, had no knowledge of the truth hidden well within his heart. His high spirit and skills gained him the highest position and rank allowed to a male, within the evil dark elves underground cities, ... Weapon Master.

      He began slowly and carefully, spreading his knowledge of the almost forgotten truth of Eilistraee, to those closest to him,.. the elite solders under him, and his two youngest children. This formidable group became known as the Black Dragons. Sadly, his son Josh, and his little daughter Jennell, were lost in a surface raid. Several years later, Jeannia, with child, was lost in an avalanche. Kreel had to hide his emotions from the cruel matron, but he found some comfort in the Black Dragons, one in particular, one he soon saw as another daughter, Viyia. This helped to hold his spirit up as best he could.

      In time, Kreel and the Black Dragons escaped the house they had been serving, with the aid of a very powerful group of mercenaries, the Yothlow, also secretly following Eilistraee. Together, Kreel and their leader, Shinayne, lead this massive group together, up to the surface.

      Upon the surface, Kreel found himself separate from the others, and soon was captured by surface elves. They were enraged and highly fearful of dark elves, for their village had been recently attacked by Lolth drow. For this reason, Kreel was sentenced to death by the surface elves. But one elven maid, by the name of Araina, believed his words, and took up his defense. Soon, she had convinced the village of his innocents as well, and he was freed to move about the village. He had faith that the others of his group would find him and was not disappointed, for the very next day, they approached the village. The village invited the large and strong group of drow to stay.

      Within a week of their arrival, to Kreel's greatest joy, his son Josh, and daughter Jeannia, along with Josh's now grown daughter, Jennell, and Jeannia's little twins, Chris and Christy, found their way to the village, lead there by dreams given by Eilistraee. Both had faked their demise to keep the house from seeking them out, then had found each other upon the surface. Kreel very soon began courting Araina, and his son Josh found his love in her best friend, Cassandra. In only a matter of a few weeks, a wonderful, double wedding ceremony joined the two couples together.

      About eight months later, Kreel himself received a dream from Eilistraee, calling to him to seek out her fallen city of Moonblade. Both Araina and Cassandra were both heavy with child and could not go with them. Kreel knew that the city was not so far away and could be back before the babies were born with the help of teleportation. So very reluctantly he and all the drow headed out in search of the great lost city, as they were bade to do in the dreams.

      Following the pull of the city, they were lead to the ruins of Moonblade. They were forced to fight many hideous spiders sent by Lolth in hopes of stopping them, but they proved stronger then Lolth's minions. As they approached the gates, they shimmered and swung wide for them. The place was nothing but rubble, all but the Temple. Somehow it was untouched by time and destruction. When they opened the great temple doors, ... they felt a great presence, ... and as they entered,.. Eilistraee herself appeared. She had been waiting for over 5,000 years for the temple's doors to be opened once again. She told them where they could find the city's guardian, Shimmer
and then turned her attentions to Kreel. She knew of his highest dreams,.. to become a Paladin. She agreed to grant him his Paladin-ship, IF he agreed to become King of her city. Being accustomed to leadership already, he reluctantly accepted.

      She knew his heart well, and indeed, granted him his Paladin-ship, and at his same level of skill that he had achieved already, and also dubbed him her personal Champion. He now wears her scarf on his right arm, giving him the ability to fight as an immortal, when needed. He also wears the swords that Eilistraee and Paladine, the God of Paladins and honor, had forged themselves, very powerful Moonswords, known as the Star Swords. These Holy Avengers have great powers that help him aid those of good.

      When Eilistraee was gone, they sought out Shimmer, who told them what needed to be done to magical rebuild the city. She lead him to the ruins of the castle, where she directed Kreel to sit upon the King's throne. As he leaned back, resting his arms across the arms of the chair, great rumbling was heard all around them. Soon the great city's buildings were reversed from their rubble to that of the great, beautiful buildings they once were. The city was indeed rebuild, now only needing the people. Shinayne agreed happily to bring all her people to live in the city, all 225. Kreel's Black Dragons counted another 30, and they knew that at least some of the Elves of the Moonsea, would come as well.

      Their happy return was very short lived as they came to the village, ... or what was left of it. ... Drow, Lolth Drow, had come again, ... but this time nothing was left, ... not one building. All was very still, the scent of burnt wood, flesh and decay heavy in the air. Kreel and Josh ran to the rubble of their own homes. There they found who they believed to be what remained of their wives in Kreel's lost home. They were not recognizable, but both were elven women, two best friends that lay side by side, both had been with child, the necklace Kreel had given Araina, it's clasp broken, lay next to them. No magic could return them, Lolth demanded of the other gods, that some price was to be paid for the rising of Moonblade. With very heavy hearts, Kreel, Josh and the Black Dragons, buried those from the village, then sadly returned to Moonblade.

      In the following years, Moonblade gained strength and numbers. For many years, Kreel ruled with a heavy heart, but remained a just ruler, and ever faithful to Eilistraee. He then met Achikae, and soon took her as his bride. His heart would never let Araina go, for she was his true soulmate, but he found new love in Achikae, and even found a bound of their own. Together they shared many good times, three children and even adopted a few.

      One night, he was captured by Lolth drow, and taken below, returned to the very house he had fled. The outraged matron chose not to take his life at the time, but to punish him, to keep him as her "toy", testing all the latest tortures on him, both physical and mental. They held him almost a year, in the cold, lifeless dark chamber, visiting him daily with the newest ideas of pain. Finally, a brake came for him, when the house was attacked by another house seeking power. The attack was set in motion by a very tricky Shinayne, who established herself back in the underdark city well enough to convince other houses to attack the house to better themselves. She took him to her hidden strong hold, giving him some time to begin to recover before the long trip back up to the surface.

      Back on the surface, for many months, Kreel was not himself, and it was taking it's toll on Achikae and his marriage, but she had been strong in holding the city together, now she would be there for him. He slowly began to be more himself, then suddenly it happened, ... Achikae was taken from him, ... by an assassin's cruel blade, stealing her life and kept her very soul from being able to return. Kreel began to sink fast into depression, and back into the memories of the nightmares of the past year in underdark.

      During his recovery from the underdark, Kreel and another woman, by the name of Opal, had become friends and enjoyed each other's company. But his love and faithfulness, at that time was only to Achikae. With her gone, and his sorrow only mounting, Opal came to him, offering him comfort and friendship, helping him though his grief. In time, they fell in love, and he married for the third time. They too had a wonderful marriage, until they had their first child. A lovely child, Heather. But things began to change, rumors of an affair started about his wife and another man, which he refused to believe, but soon they could no longer even talk together. He also found that she was given an offer to have him killed, by a so called friend of hers, for a the pains she and Kreel were going through, and a necklace she wanted. She was not even upset at the offer, but instead, simply thanked him tenderly, for his loyalty to her. After learning of this, he knew that she no longer loved him as a wife should, and chose to free her of her vows to him, so the marriage was dissolved. She left, taking their daughter Heather with her. Shortly after, he learned that Opal married the very man that she was said to have the affair with, along with is other wife, and soon bore a child from the new marriage. His beloved daughter would grow up not knowing him as her loving father, but another man instead, not a drow, but a true demon. One that held two wives. He would always worry, ... just what kind of upbringing his poor little Heather would have, and would he ever see her again?

      The gods have finally chose to be kind to him reuniting his first wife, his Souls' dream, Ariana. For she never was truly killed, instead, he had mistakenly buried another, thinking it to be her. It was a cousin to Cassandra, also with child. Araina was there with the other two, but when she was grabbed, they caught her necklace and she was able to flee. Ariana, bore Maribelle, early due to the stress of the village's attack, and could not seek Kreel out until both she and the child where capable of travel. By the time that she returned to the village, Kreel had come and gone. Finally years later, she was able to find him to be very happily reunited!

      Sadly however, just before they were to be re-wed, she disappeared, leaving him with Maribelle, and a great emptiness within his heart and soul. It would be years before he would be capable of opening his heart to another.

      As time passed, he was quite surprised to find himself falling in love with another very remarkable lady by the name of Fyre Kinreau. She had a spirit very much like Ariana, yet she had many of her own wonderful traits. They soon fell madly in love and are to be wed very soon.

His magical Items:

Star Armor:

This set of armor and cloak are made of a fine silk like cloth, which is deep midnight blue, and has shimmering silver and blue stars, which constantly move magically throughout the soft fabric. This fine armor makes not a sound.
      It can take the shape of full plate armor, but will still move as though it were silk. Or at the word "dull" can appear to be nothing more than a handsome tunic and cloak.

  • It can be called onto its owner, or off, by vocal or mental command.
  • It automatically regenerates/repairs itself = 5pts per turn.
  • It protects it's wearer as if it were +5 Full Plate
  • Allows wearer to regenerate 1hp per turn.
  • Gives +2 to any healing given or received. (Max dice to all healing during a full moon.)
  • Absorbs 1/4 damage from all magic attacks in daylight, Absorbs 1/2 damage at night, and repels all magic attacks on full moon.
  • 50% to saves against magic.
  • Emits silvery radiance when Eilistraee's song is song. (equivalent to light spell, though will not blind those of good or neutrality).
  • Star Swords:

    This set of Holy Avengers are silver katanas that were made long ago by Eilistraee and Paladine as the swords of her Paladin kings. There are only two sets known to exist within the realms, one for Moonblade, the other for the King of Starsong, the still fallen sister city of Moonblade.
          These magnificent swords are highly intelligent and bounded as pair, unlike most intelligent swords, these two work very well together to meet the fighting styles of the would be drow paladin kings.
          The two swords glow with a soft silvery blue light when unsheathed. Many graceful runes on the bodies of each of the blades, shimmer with diamond dust. The sword known as Moonsong tends to give off a soft hum, that is very pleasing to the wielder's and their allies ears, almost a faint song in the back of the mind.

    Names: Moonsong & Nightblade.


  • +6 Holy Avengers
  • +10 damage to Chaotic evil
  • 5' radius remove fear
  • 50% Magic resistance
  • Dispels Magic 5' radius per level of wielder. (Kreel is 45 LV = 225' radius)
  • Commands can be given vocally or mentally.
  • They can be called to their wielder, or sent away, no matter the distance.


  • Creates food and water 3xs per day
  • Neutralizes poison 2xs per day
  • Cure Critical wounds 2xs per day
  • Death's door 1 per day
  • Raise dead 1 per week
  • speaks: Drow, Silver dragon, Nymph, Unicorn


  • Star shine 2xs per day
  • Tongues 1 per day
  • Enlarge self (3x size) 1 per day
  • Silver beam 1d6 per wielders level, (34 LV = 34d6) 1 per day
  • Vorpalizes on at a natural 10% chance (d100 needs a 90 or better// d40 needs a 36 or better)
  • speaks: Drow, Elven, Common, Fire giant
  • Scarf of Eilistraee:

    This is a gift from Eilistraee herself, as she dubbed him as her King and champion. It is a beautiful silk scarf of light slivery blue, bearing her symbol. It gives the power to allow Kreel to fight or heal as an immortal, when his life, or another's is in danger. It also makes him fully Immune to all poisons.

    Crescent Flask:

    The flask in an ever lasting flask of liquid. This very fine flask is of shimmering silver blue, is decorated with fine sapphires and diamonds and holds the symbol of Eilistraee. Upon gaining the item, and the command word is giving, this flask with automatically return to it's owner if it goes more then 100' away, or the command word is called for it's return.

  • Gives up to 10 galleons per Level of owner daily of any common drinkable liquid, (Water, wines, teas, juices, ext.)
  • Gives up to 1 gallon per week of "The Wine of the Gods" This is a very special wine that is finer by far then any mortal wines ever made, for it is truly the very wine the gods.
  • The owner may chose not to allow intoxication to his body, or chose to have the effects dispelled at anytime of his choosing, or if endangered, it will automatically dispel the intoxication, so long as the drink comes from the flask.
  • Pouch of the Moon:

    This pouch is about a 1' in depth, made of soft velveteen, of deep midnight blue, with silver lining and trimming, and bears the symbol of Eilistraee.
          There are two parts to this bag, one is a tiny 1" pouch that is to be placed in the home, then the owner must then place his hand into the larger 12" pouch and give the command word and a secret silence command. This activates a magical link between the two pouches. After that, anything needed by the wearer of the 12" pouch, can reach into it and "call forth" anything from their home 10 pounds or under, and that is within 100' of the small bag in the home. Things can also be returned to the home, by placing the item back into the pouch.
          If someone else other then he that first activated the pouches reaches into the pouch, an alarm spell will go off and if the true owner does not respond by placing his hand back into the bag and giving a silence command word, the pouch with teleport itself back to the home on top of the small bag. If the smaller bag is taken from the home, it simply teleports itself into the larger bag and gives a small chime to let the owner know that it has come.


    Ring of Teleport (w/e):

    This is a ring of Teleport without error.

    Ring of Regeneration:

    Slowly regenerates wounds, lost limbs and even lost life so long as the ring remains on the finger.

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