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Jeannia Nuvea
Lady Jeannia


Lady Jeannia Nuvea,... First princess of Moonblade


An very gentle and loving lady, with deep emerald eyes, and long, pearl white hair. She is quick to smile, and offer help to others. She is a high priestess of Eilistraee, and princess of Moonblade, but demands nothing form others, accept maybe a friendly smile.
Her greatest joy is her beloved family,... Her eighteen year old son and daughter, Chris and Christy, her father, Kreel , and her younger brother and sisters, Zackery, Kyrie, Hanna, Maribell, and her older brother Josh , and her many adopted siblings. She is still single,.. but she has hopes of finding a good gentleman. At this time she does have a few suitors, but no bonds yet.


Jeannia grew up in the cruel, and empty darkness of the underdark. Her mother pushed her at a very young age towards the heartless ways of the spider queen, Within the cold cities of the goddess, Lolth , there is no childhood fun in a place without laughter. In a world without love, there are no arms to comfort a child... only harsh punishment to failure.

Jeannia tried hard to please her mother,.. but the bitter woman could not be pleased. Needing something more she began to pay closer attention to other things around her, and soon realized that not her mother,.. but her father, Kreel,.. seemed to care for her well being. "Males are worthless, their lives are only to serve the females" is what she was always taught, yet here was a man she barely knew as her sire, that seemed to want to give her what her heart desired. She began to see him more and more,.. and found that her brother, Josh, too was the same as their father. They secretly became very close, and she was taught the ways of Eilistraee,.. her fathers ways, and how to hide it from the others. And as she got older,.. to her fathers joy,.. a priestess.

In time, Josh had to go along on a surface raid, to allow some female Drow children, including his daughter, to "see the glory of the drow". Sadly,.. the party was lost,.. it was believed no drow survived.

Many years later, just before she became a high priestess, her mother made an alliance with another house and arranged for Jeannia to join the other house in marriage to their first son. To seal the alliance she was to join with him that night, then later go to her new home in a few months. From the joining she became with child,.. and all too soon, it was time to say good bye to her beloved father. On her trip an avalanche took out her party but she was spared,.. she knew what her fate was in the underdark,.. and she did not want her child to know the evils of Lolth's followers. So, heavy with child, she fled, following Eilistraee's guidance to the surface.

A short time later, she was ready to bring her child into the world. She was very frightened, and alone. As she lay hidden inside a dark cave, her pains coming more frequently, two figures appeared in the entrance. To her great Joy and relief, it was her brother Josh, and his now grown daughter, Jennell. They had run from the raiding party to get free of Lolth's hateful and cruel ways, and made their home on the surface becoming rangers. Josh felt that he was guided to the cave to find his sister. Together they brought the little one into the world, and to their surprise, not one, but two babes were born, a boy, then a girl. They began to raise little Chris and Christy, on the surface,.. and vowed never to let them see the heartless underdark.

But very soon after the twin's third birthday,.. Jeannia was given more dreams,.. a calling even,.. and the family followed,.. they found what they could have only dreamed, for their father had found his way up to the surface, with his Elite, and some of his allies, and had found and befriended the very elven village that Josh had been searching for for many years. They soon rejoiced in the marriage of both her father and her brother to two very fine grey elf ladies. Jeannia loved Cassandra as a sister very much, and found the mother that she had dreamt of having in Ariana.

Soon more dreams came. This time, to her, her father, and the grand high priestess of Eilistraee that had come with her father's allies. This was not a dream to be put off, for it was to find the fallen city of Moonblade, belonging to their goddess, and to rebuild it. This would give Eilistraee much needed strength in her constant battle against Lolth. Ariana and Cassandra were now both with child and could not go with them. The questing party vowed to return as soon as possible, reluctantly heading out.

In only two months, they found the city, and begun to rebuild. Her father, Kreel was visited by Eilistraee herself, and was handed the position of King, and mortal champion, due to his fine leadership, good heart, and Loyalty to Eilistraee. they where introduced to the Guardian of Moonblade, an ancient dragon by the name of Shimmer.

Soon it was time to return to the Moonsea village to bring their wives to their new home. Jeannia and a few other mages teleported them back to the village, but they were met with a devastating sight. The village had been completely destroyed by a drow raiding party, obviously sent by Lolth as a nasty blow to Eilistraee's faithful followers. They found the burnt bodies of both Ariana and Cassandra laying side by side, and sadly buried them side by side. They Nuvea family heavily mourned for many many months.

In the years to follow, Kreel married twice, once again to be widowed, then the next didn't work out. Both women where very good ladies, but Jeannia still missed Ariana most, as did her father. But it was to be a great surprise one day when her brother Josh, brought her to meet a little eight year old girl, outside his best friend's home. The child was half grey elf, and half drow. Jeannia instantly loved the little girl, and was shocked when Josh introduced her as her little sister, Maribell. Then about feel over seeing the mother come outside, ... Ariana!

She learned that it had not been Ariana after all that they had buried, but another young lady, and that Ariana had to wait until the child was old enough to travel to search for them. Now they were reunited once more, and again, a very happy family. But sadly not too long after her return, Ariana disappeared without a trace, never to be seen again.

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