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America the Beautiful!

A land so very full of beauty, ...

It's structures full of shining grace and pride, ...

But even more then that, ... it's most wondrous beauty lays within it's people.
Their hearts and spirits so rich and true,
not even such horrors as the attack on September 11, 2001,
could defeat them.

After such cruel devastation, ...

The entire Country flew into action, not so quick for revenge,
but instead, in aid of each other, in any way they can.

Never have I been so very proud to be an American!

I have seen a change in the people, suddenly being awoken, more patient, and loving to each other. We seem to have forgotten most of the petty grievances, and have chosen to stand together. It warms my heart to see such things as how we have chosen to care for each other, banding together in the name of freedom. ...

And it's seems that this awakening is not just here in United States, but all over the world.
Eyes have been open to the truth of good and Evil.

We where honored in Germany.

Heart felt tears shed ...

From Taiwan

To Canada

Our National Anthem played in tribute

And so many other wonderful Countries all around the world, too numerous to mention them all, gave honor, tears, and tribute. To all of them, I'd like to say, thank you so very much, from the depths of our hearts.

My heart aches for so many losses, and their grieving families, ... but I truly believe that those that were lost, would be so very proud of the kind, and giving hearts of all those that stand in the light of goodness, against this evil darkness.

I personally had my petty gripes about Bush being president, ... but I'll tell you something, ... I could never express how pleased I am to have been wrong. ... I have always loved my country, ... But I have never in my life, thought I could be so very proud of our government as I am now. This country could have quickly bounded blindly into war, but we held back, ... to insure that we do not fight this evil with more evil, but instead, this wondrous country has chosen to reach out its hand in the truest meaning of justice and fairness. So much so, that it would seem that just about the entire world has seen the truth, and has chosen to stand beside us. To all our allies, I thank you. ... To the Terrorists, ... Yes, you have awoken the sleeping giant all right, ... but it's not just one country, ... but instead, it would seem that it is a united world that has awoken. ... Again, ... I truly believe that those lost would be so very proud of us all.

Please, no matter what, remember to fill your heart with love, and not hate, ...
and let your spirit soar high and free.

With all my heart, love, ... Dimagi

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Fill your hearts with love, not hate!
Thank you, and God Bless.