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Antrax is a 7 feet tall Immortal Human Male. Concealed by his heavy black robe and hood, he has long silver hair which falls freely down his back, 4 inches below his shoulders. His eyes are Ice Blue, yet at times of danger, they will shift to a fiery red. Beneath his black robe, he wears the traditional black and red armor of the Arkanian Royal Guards as well as a black velvet cloak. He wears three light amulets. Two are fastened to both of his wrists, and the last is fastened around his neck.
He is a serious, quiet, and mysterious man, who rarely cracks a grin or a smile, and if he does, it would be concealed by his black heavy hood.


Antrax was born in the hidden land of Arkania. Arkania is actually a large island which is located surrounded by water, not far from land. It was founded 30,000 years ago by a man named Talon Arkania. Talon was a traveller who went off away from his family and dying homeland in search for a new place to live. He found Arkania and found it had very rich land. So, he called everyone from his dying land to Arkanian and here, they all started up a new life. When Talon died at the age of 89, his successors named the land, Arkania in his memory. 20,000 years later, a chlid was born in a rich family's home. Yet this was no ordinary child. The priests and priestess of that time examined the child both outside and in his spirit. They found that his spirit held the most powerful of energies. This chilid actually contained the power and fire of the Phoenix itself. The mystical fire bird. He would grow up to become a very powerful and successful warrior of his time.

At the age of 6, Antrax was sent to an educational institute where he was taught about everything he needed to know for his future including the history of Arkania itself. One day, he was on his way home when a figure, dressed in a heavy black robe, with it's hood covering his features ran past an old lady and stole her pouch of gold coins. He didn't get far. As soon as he got 10 steps away, he came to a halt. Antrax gazed beyond the man and saw, for the very first time, three tall figures wearing ceremonial black and red armor, and each ith a flowing black velvet cloak. Each of them held a long meter-long handle which two long sharp looking blades were attached to. These three engaged the mugger and easily took him into custody.

Antrax went home, and made a silently solemn vow, that when he grow old eneough, he would apply to the Arkanian Academy and train to become the most powerful Arkanian Royal Guard there ever was in the entire history of Arkania.

Because Antrax already held the knowledge and wisdom of the Arkanians, he easily got accepted into the Academy at the age of 12. He was the youngest of all new recruits, and also the smallest. Everyone looked down on him and made fun of him, but he beared it and lived through it. Antrax went through 8 long years of vigorious training, much longer than a usual warrior or combatant outside of the land of Arkania. He learened everything from how to move, all the way to the arts of combat in different situations.

It was at the age of 20 did Antrax discover that his Phoenix half deep within had awakened at the time and gave him a gift in which it knew he would need for the future. It was the gift of immortality. Antrax accepted the gift in his dream gratefully, and woke up the next day, a new person.

It was another 500 years of vigorious training before graduation day came for Antrax. He graduated, of course, at the top of his class, with Supreme High Honors and has earned over 1,000 medals and awards for his devotion to becoming an Arkanian Royal Guard. He was awarded the traditional armor of the Arkanian Royal Guards and was given his very own personal Force Pike. Now, armed to the teeth with years of knowledge and skill, Antrax was a Master. Everyone regretted the past when they made fun of him. Now, they trusted him, they respected him, and now that he is a Master, kind, generous, and serious in his work, they would die for him any day.

One night, Antrax sat alone in the forest of Arkania. He was alone, aside form the medium-sized camp fire he built himself. His armor was off, his pike lay beside him, and his gaze was directed on the millions and billions of stars in the sky and also the bright moon. A thought suddenly occurred to him. He has been training for hundreds of years. His mind was always on the present, never on the past, and never on those outside of the Academy. Now, he suddenly noticed that he has forgotten whom his parents were. Did he have any siblings? Did he have a love before his days at the Academy? What was his life like before?

Antrax sighed and allowed the past to leave him. He was here, in the present. He must keep his mind on the here and now. Not on the past.

Several months later, Antrax was on patrol duty through the streets of the City of Arkania. Suddenly, the bright morning sky grew gray, the darker. A blow of wind picked up and chilled everyone to the bone. All sounds of the city came to an abrupt halt, and all Arkanian Royal Guards snapped to alertness. Each of them had their pikes out and blades extended as they wondered what was goingon.

The chilling sensation Antrax felt inside was not of the wind's temperature, but of a gut feeling. An attack was coming. He knew it. But how was that possible? The priests and priestess of Arkania were supposed to of created and held a powerful shield in which to conceal the land from all outsiders. Nobody knew about the Arkanian's existance.

He quickly spread the word to his fellow Arkanians and by now, instead of scoffing his theory and making fun, they tensed and immediately shouted out warnings just as it began to rain. It did not rain normal drops of water, Thunder was heard, Lightning flashed down striking several buildings. Then, millions upon millions of dark figures rained down and attacked the innocent citizens of the City. The Arkanian Guards snapped into action swinging their pikes and engaging the enemy.

The Arkanians were at war. For years this war raged on. And in the middle of it, the Royal Guards had no clue on who their attackers were. The point is they were evil and they were destroying everything the Arkanians worked to build. For another few thousands of years, this war raged. At the end, the enemy made a surprising moved and attacked the last remaining Guards with their entire army of darkness. The battle was a slaughter. But the Guards faught ruthlessly. In the end, Antrax slew the last of the invaders. He dark shadow fell to the gruond, dead, and Antrax stood there, alone. The once beautiful vast and powerfu lland of Arkania, was reduced to a dry, desolated wasteland.

The millions of inhabitants of the City in Arkanian were slaughtered. Men, women, teenagers, children, pets, animals and so on. Not a single living thing was left. Foests were replaced with blacked earth, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls were replaced with giant craters. All structures were totally obliterated.

Antrax stood there, blood dripping off of both ends of his Force Pike. He looked around at the result of this war, then, turned and began making his way to mainland, away from this land. He was one of few last remaining Arkanian Royal Guards. There were three others with him. Akiru Spahr [AkiruSpahr], Onyx Wraith and Sir John Ironfist [ArChViPeR]. They all left and went their separate ways.

Antrax went travelling. Everywhere he went, he learned new things and saw new types of warriors and combatants outside of the land. He watched the warriors fight and found their arts of combat pathetically slower and weaker than his own. Still, he has been training for over hundreds of years, and he has fought under the best of the best and in the special arts of combat. Every fighter which challenged him failed miserably. For years, he's fought different opponents, Knights, Warriors, other Guards, Archers, Samurai's, Paladins and even more. He faught all of them, and defeated all of them easily. The only ones he had trouble with were magic users. Until one day, he was taught how to use magic by another Master of Magic. He learned everything and soon bcame 10 times more powerful.

Now, skilled with knowledge, combat and magic, Antrax left and soon came to a realm called RhyDin. Here,. he was reunited with Akiru and John. It was there did he discover the death of one of his fellow Royal Guards, Onyx Wraith. He was killed by a group of RhyDin Dark Warriors. Akiru left and created a guild in order to avenge his death, John did likewise, only his guild was for other reasons. Antrax did not want to take part in those things, and stayed alone. Soon, he came across a city called Moonblade. It was a beautiful place of life. It was much more beautiful and vasts than Arkanian and brought back painful memories. He fought back those memories and now is trying to find a way to settled down, if that were even possible.

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