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Land of the Elves


Welcome to the land of the elves! Come join us in our dance to honor our beloved home in the forests! Our flutes, bells and drums ring out our happy joy! Come learn of the many kinds of elves and meet some of our favorite artists that have done some of our people's portraits!


An exquisite lady drow, with deep emerald eyes, and long, soft, pearl white hair smiles brightly up at you.

"Greetings, I am Jeannia Nuvea, welcome to Moonblade. I understand that you were wondering about my kind, ..."

The gentle maid smiles taking note of herself and giggles softly.

"Well, I meant elves in general, ... and yes, I am a dark elf, but not all drow follow the evil ways, I for one, do not. ... I'll tell you more of that along our way."

The maid smiles and motions for you to follow her.

"Let me introduce you to some of the kinds of elves and tell you a little about each of them."




The drow maid smiles softly as she turns back to face you, as slight sadness in her lovely eyes.


"First of all, let me tell you this, ... Once, long ago, all elves where one people, ... but as time passed, after the God wars, some began to lust for power, ... Others could not bear to live within the confining walls of a city. Some, were rabidly xenophobic, wanting to bar outsiders such as humans and dwarves from the Elvin lands. Still others, more moderate in most things, were scorned by their brothers or even despised.

And so they began to group together in bands of others feeling the same, all thinking that they knew best, each imposing their views on their brothers. Sadly, Evil flourished in this atmosphere. During this troubled time of distrust and dissent, and the Spider Queen Lolth gained her foothold in the hearts of many elves, pulling the Elvin people farther apart, and soon began the terrible Elvin wars, ... many great Elvin cities fell to ruin, ... by the time that the wars were over, the elves had fully broken into their own groups, most still on the surface, but now very different from each other, ... my own people .. the drow, ... existing almost entirely in the lightless, cruel world of the Underdark. Only small handfuls of my kind have found their way back to the surface."


The drow maid's eyes shine with unshed tears, then she sighs softly, shaking her head, then offers you a cheering smile, wishing to let the sad story pass.

"Now, ... let me introduce you to the different types of elves."

She smiles sweetly at you, then moves to the first portrait.


The Grey Elves:


These elves are said to be the most noble and most reclusive of all the elves. They are striking elves in their appearance, and their elegant bearing and pure beauty make them almost appear as supernatural creatures. They are taller and more slender than the other elves. Typically, they have silver hair and amber eyes.

     Their mannerisms tend to be superstitious and condescending. While not exactly bigoted toward other races, grey elves believe in the purity of the line. They are the least tolerant of other races, and take great pains to ensure that they remain secluded from all, sometimes, even other elves. These elves feel that they are the 'true' elves, since other elves do not concern themselves with maintaining the purity.

J. Green

The High Elves:



These elves are the most commonly seen, as well as the most open and friendly of all of all the elves. They have no compunction about traveling in the world outside their lands, and they do so much more than other elves. When one first meets a High Elf, one may think him to be aloof and arrogant, but soon their good nature will show through. They know the value of friendship and alliances with other goodly races of the word. However, they are not always easily befriended.

High Elves are very pale even though they spend a lot of time outdoors. Their hair and eyes fall into two major variations. One, not only fair in skin, but hair as well. Generally with blond hair and blue eyes. The other variation is equally numerous, seems more mysterious. They have dark hair, ranging from sandy brown to sheerest black, and intense green eyes.

Diana Gibson

The Sylvan Elves:


Also known as Wood elves, are far more primitive than their kin. They are often described as wild and temperamental, for they are very emotional people, living by their hearts and not their minds. By their nature, they seem more prone to violence than their civilized cousins. Their lives are geared toward the simple matter of survival in the woodlands rather then enjoyment. Yet Sylvan elves find that this life, more than anything else, gives them the greatest pleasure.

Their taste are not the sophistication of art and delicate music. They prefer a simpler life. Their music is that of wind through the trees, the howl of wolves, and the cries of birds. Their art, in forms of tattoos, is inspired by the ever changing cycle of the seasons.

Their muscles are large, their complexions more florid. They have yellow, to coppery-red hair, which contrasts with their lightly tanned skin. Their eyes are generally light brown, although bright green is not uncommon. Hazel or blue eyes are exceptionally rare.

Artist Unknown

The Dark Elves:


Also known as the Drow. Their quests for more power over life, inevitably corrupted their hearts to evil. Because of their power and dark hearts, they were long ago driven into what is known as the underdark, the lightless realms deep below the world of sun. Now making their large cities in huge caverns far blow the surface world, sometimes weeks down without the aid of magic. Living in resentful hate of all surface life, but most of all a very deep loathing for the all light elves.

The Drow follow a dark and very cruel goddess known as Lolth, Queen of the Spiders, In their society, females rule, and males are to be kept cowed and submissive. In their sad and twisted laws, one advances through the death of those above, quite often setting sibling against sibling in murder.

The build of the dark elves are the same as their surface cousins, though shorter. Their skin is ebony. They have hair white, and glowing red eyes. On very rare occasions, one may be born with silver hair, and/or sometimes blue or green eyes.

Diana Gibson

The Sea Elves:


Though these elves are actually as common as the land elves, they are not encountered as frequently due to their aquatic lives and needs. They are usually seen playing in the waves with their dolphin friends near shore, or aiding the ships of land elves. Sea elves can walk on land for short periods of time, but they rapidly weaken in days. Their bodies can rest in fresh water, but can only be revitalized in back in the sea.

They live in full harmony and defend their beloved sea from foul creatures and deeds as do their kin on land. They enjoy conducting trade, and many can be persuaded to help guard sea fairing ships, while others are farmers, hunters, and artists.

They have gill slits similar to fish, but can also breath air if needed as well. Their skin is usually silvery green, but can be bluish on very rare occasions. Their hair complements their skin tones, helping them to camouflage in their natural environment.

Artist Unknown


The drow maid smiles at you softly as you finish looking at the walls of Elven kind.

"Yes, most of my people, the drow, are not so nice, ... but what many do not know, is that there are those that do not follow Lolth."

She holds up an attractive symbol of a silver crescent moon, with a silver long sword over laying it, from around her slender neck.

"There are those that follow Eilistraee, Goddess of Beauty and Song, as I do"

The maid smiles with pride, then motions you to follow her again.

"I can tell you more of her if you wish, but for now, let me show you our Hall of Portraits. This is where we keep many examples of the very fine art works that many wonderful artists have done of Elvin kind."

She leads you to an odd shaped room with many doors. Moving to the side, she invites you inside.

"Please do come in, and if you see anything that is to your liking, simply enter the room through it's door. ... I do hope that you enjoy yourself."





Popular, Elven Artwork

Working, but needing touch ups!

These are the more well known works of multiple artists.






Drow Elves, Artwork

These are the more well known works of multiple artists of the popular drow elves.







The highly beloved Characters of Windy Pini

This has got to be one of the most beloved elven artists of all times!  Her artwork is so full of life.






Amateur Elven Artwork

This artists might be  amateurs, but they sure can give the professionals a run for their money!






Amateur Drow Artwork

This artists might be  amateurs, but they sure can give the professionals a run for their money!








Dimagi Artwork

(I have to plug for this page masters art too!)

These are the creations of the page masters elven art work, (Yes, that's my work)






"I truly hope that you enjoyed your visit, ... please come back again!"


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