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Viyia Nuvea,
of Moonblade

((Please forgive me, I am still working on this page.
But it will be finished very soon. 10/18/99))

Viyia Nuvea, a lovely drow maiden, with long silver hair and briliant sippire eyes.

She is a highly spirited and very proud woman. Her mannerisms are guarded, sturn, and can be easily mistaken as cold. She can be moody, and hard headed. Yet in truth, she has a very soft side that she tries hard to hide until she gets to know someone. Then a whole new person can be found within her. Warm and caring, she would fight to the death for anyone she cares for.


She was born to a low house, in the drow city of Aboth, deep within the deapths of Rydin.

She met Kreel in the underdark and helped him find the way to the surface.

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