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Lady Opal
Art by Jonathon Earl Bowser

Lady Opal, an ageless beauty. Her deep green eyes shimmer like emeralds, silken tresses the color of spun gold hang down her back in soft curls, full red lips curl into a soft smile. Beneath her cloak (+2 protection) is a figure that will take your breath away. The heart of love which adorns her left shoulder, changes color with her passion.
She holds the honor of being a Priestess of Lhothodian. She is a very loving, caring, peaceful, and unassuming lady who is also a talented enchantress. She is shy, until she gets to know you. Her greatest loves are her family and friends. GoIdenOpal is her identical twin sister, and her adopted children are Amy Rose, Magus, Niall (her nephew reincarnated), and Ventras (although Ventras is truly her own, this memory is hidden to her through magic.), Altan, Melissa, Kerri, Zavita, Wind, Bonnie and Zoe. She loves Tyrr, Terra, Puzzle, and David as though they were her own children as well. She is godmother to Cole, the son of her dear friends, Thomas and VVhyteFyre. She shares a special bond with Thomas & Whyte's daughter, Serena. For some unexplainable reason, Serena bears a heart on her shoulder just like Opal's. The only cause they can think of is that while Whyte was pregnant Opal performed a deep healing on her friend which may have some how linked her to the child. In Falcor, her fairie dragon, she has a loyal and faithful companion. She loves her close friends Thomas, Whyte, and Ard very much. Her home is a manor of the far side of the Rhydin Mountains, far from the City of Moonblade.
She arrived in RhyDin with no memory of her life before, or even who she was. She was befriended by KalieStar and Siva....Siva gave her the name Opal because of the amulet she wore around her neck. After a time she met ADMWRLC, who turned out to be her long lost brother. He shared with her as much information about her past as he knew and taught her to how to use her powers. As she spent more time in the realm, she made friends with various people, including Sabraea, Achikae and Sir Kreel, Kulk, Thomas, Dicken aka Ard, and Keir who gave her a much more powerful opal, which bears the image of Melikki when she was left vunerable by the temporary loss of her beloved family gem. After the death of her first husband, she lived in the Garden of Dreams, a gift from Kulk, with her children and farie dragon, Falcor. After the dissolvement of her second marriage, she returned to The Garden of Dreams for a short time but now has found a new home, a place for a new beginning.
She wears and carries with her various items for protection as well as those which enhance or aid her natural powers and abilities. Around her neck she wears her the opal given to her by her parents, a family heirloom, as well as a crystal given to her by ZenMastrG, just after the disappearance of her first fiancee, Judas. She also wears a pendant which protects her from illness, given to her by a stranger she befriended who did not stay long in the realms. Her dear friend Thomas, has also blessed her with an opal which carries a spell which as not yet been revealed to her. At her ears and throat are the most exquisite emeralds one has ever laid eyes on. They are as clear as a crystal lake and so perfectly cut, they seem to emit shooting stars. These glorious gems protect her soul. On her right hand she wears silver rings adorned with a beautiful heart shaped diamond surrounded by sparkling emeralds. These rings bring her the power of regeneration. The earrings, necklace and rings will be given to her daughter, Heather, when she comes of age. On her right wrist she wears a beautifully designed opal and diamond bracelet designed by IssacharT which protects her against poisoning. The cloak she wears, a gift from her brother Adam, protects her from injury. Within the folds of her cloak or gown she carried with her a crown given to her by her mother which enhances her powers, a golden key with an emerald encrusted in the hilt, given to her by her father which assists her in escape. A healing opal given to her by Sorcere545 enhances her healing powers. None of these items can be stolen from her for there is a spell on them which teleports them back to a safe haven should anyone try to take them from her. There are times when some or all of these items are hidden by magic to allow her to create a certain effect with the clothing and/or other jewels she wears.
She is the proprietress of The Silver Lady Inn, The Silver Lady Dress Shoppe, The CoMB Ballroom, and The Knight's Table. All her businesses are up for sale since her move to another village.

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