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The City of Moonblade!

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Moonblade is a peaceful city/kingdom run by a monarchy, with lands full of forests, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, nestled in the Crystalmist Mountains, within the world of Rhydin. Most of the residents are drow that follow Eilistraee, but any Race is welcome, so long as ones heart is of Light, (good) or peaceful neutrality. Please see Moonblade's wonderful history.

The History of Moonblade.

((We are a peaceful Guild/ Forum, of good.
We seek ROLE-players and not roll-players.
If you are seeking fun, good friends and players,
then we believe that you will be happy with us.

We are fully Free Forum))




Basic rules of CoMB:
  • Conduct: One must always conduct themselves in an honorable manner, and give respect to others.

  • Aid Other Members: You must be willing to come to the aid other members of the city, if they need help.

  • Alignment: Any of good or peaceful neutrality may join Moonblade.

  • Race: We judge not by race,.. only that which is within one's heart. For we,.. the people of the city understand,.. and have known the blind hatred for some races.

  • Other Guilds: You may belong to any other guild so long as they are not of dark, (evil) ways.

    ((Mun Rules: (player rules)


  • If you are on AOL, or using Aim, you must have a character profile up for others to see, giving at least some idea of that character.
  • We are a ROLE Playing Guild/Forum, not just a name to back up your dice. So play well and have fun.
  • The Character MUST be consistent. They cannot change something about the characrer without a good, and believable reason, be it, sudden age change, race or whatever else.
  • We ask that no gods be played for the mere fact that no god would want to make their home in a mortal city.
  • A charcter CANNOT be every profession, and must keep in mind that some professions clash.(An assasin CANNOT be a paladin too).
  • You Must play in cooperation with other players, member or nonmembers. Respect for others goes IC and OOC.

  • ((Yes, we are picky, but we seek consistent,
    believable characters in this guild/forum.))





    Below are links to pages that will help you learn more about Moonblade, our members and allies.

    These links below, will lead you to other pages belonging to CoMB, unless otherwise stated. We hope to make your visit as pleasant and as easy as possible. We offer many of our own links, but also a few other page links that you just might find helpful.



    Moonblade has a colorful history indeed! Learn about the beginnings and rebuilding of this grand City and Kingdom. These are the full rules of our forum. Guilds of Good or peaceful neutrality are welcome to apply to join our Kingdom. There are many open positions available within the city. This is a list of all the positions open to apply for.  

    **Under heavy Construction!**
    This is a great page for new and experienced players alike! The "Golden Rules" of on line Role-Play. This offers great ideas and advice on how to have a realistic character, and lists of proper on line Role-play etiquette.


    Beauty of Moonblade:

    Take a Guided Tour of the highlights of our lovely city. Images and information about some of the buildings, gardens, waterfalls and other interesting places to visit.  

    In the world of Rhydin, the time frames are a bit hard to follow, being that each mun week equals one month in game time. Therefore, one of our members, (Ssunstorm) has made a cool page offering info of the seasons in Moonblade. Seasonal Images of Moonblade are also here.


    This is another page made by a member, (Ssunstorm), this one offers some nice images of some of the shops and wilderness arias around Moonblade.
    **This is a coming up page, not yet available. It will be a page full of art work done by our members, of the lands, buildings and/or those living in, or visiting Moonblade.

    Meet the People:

    Take a peek at our existing members, learn a little about them, some PICs, and links to profile pages too!

    Come meet our members in our chat rooms! Here is a list of all our public rooms, and some discriptions. **At this time, only AOL Chat Rooms are linked.**


    Here is a place where ALL members and guests can join together with posted Story lines, and also join in non AOL Chat Rooms. You might need to register fist, but it's free, and well worth it.

    This will take you directly to a list of those members that use AOL, that are on line. **Sorry this will only work for AOL users**



    Click here to see
    points of intrest in our Kingdom.

    Other Moonblade Links:

    Those pages with the *~* are not pages made by the CoMB web staff,
    but were made by guilds belonging to Moomblade's Forum.

    Eilistraee, Goddess of beauty and song {Moonblade's Goddess}(Character profile)
    Lolth, Goddess of Spiders {Moonblade's Enemy} (Character profile)

    Guild Web pages belonging to those using our Forum:

    *~* White Hope Orphanage

    Helpful pages NOT of CoMB

    AOL Instant Messenger
    (AOL Free program for EVERONE to use!
    Allows Non AOL users to have a buddy list,
    Instant Message with us and more!)

    Deities of the Forgotten Realms
    This is a fantastic info page about many of the
    Deities, (Gods), of the fantasy world.

    The city has grown strong,.. and indeed, has become a safe home for those that wished to make it so. If you wish to join Moonblade or gain more info, ... Please E-Mail us using the link below,
    With the subject:

  • Moonblade freelance Resident,(If you wish to become a new resident)
  • Moonblade Guild application, (To add your guild into our Forum)
  • Moonblade Info, (For more information on Moonblade)

    Shimmer with then either send you an application or the information that you request.
    *** ( Please pass this on to others you think may be interested,... Thank you)

    Drop us an E-mail for an

    application to join today!

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    Tribute to the USA

    CoMB's Mun tribute to the USA


    Thank you for visit to CoMB.
    Please come back and visit again!

    Temple of Moonblade (Master home page)

    Write to one of our web page staff members at:

    Email: Sir