Casting Call

Note: All of the roleplayed characters are from one of the "You vs. the World" threads. However, for the purposes of the movie, their powers have all been amplified when not in the Thread universes specifically. The Thread universe limits have not been changed.

Main Heroes:

Ramz --- Hero

Nobody --- Hero

Tanith --- Heroine

Supporting Protagonists:

Krispy Kreme --- HALST leader

Z-man --- Co-Founder of Planar and Dimensional Travels, Inc.

Rune Silverstar --- Tanith's sister

Mg_knt --- Tanith's bodyguard

Yeoman-Zelgadis --- Administrator of the Andromeda

Metaphysician --- Rune's bodyguard

N-Chan --- Bard

Drunkard Kid --- Artist

Main Villain:

Chuckg --- Evil Overlord

Minor Villains:

Locke --- Grand Vizier of the Evil Overlord

MunchKING --- Lieutenant of the Evil Overlord

Chaos Bringer Yeoman --- Lieutenant of the Evil Overlord

Z-woman --- Royal Assassin of the Evil Overlord

Sinister Sandman --- Court Jester of the Evil Overlord

Uncertain Alignments:

The Meddler --- Self Serving Ally with an Agenda

The Watcher --- Captured Hero Forced to Serve the Overlord

Jaffa --- Former HALST leader and Bodyguard on the Andromeda

M-Cheeks --- Comedic Sidekick of The Meddler

Loose Cannons:




Dr. J

Non-Roleplayed Characters (NPC's):

More Crew of the Andromeda (Tanith's vessel)

The Pokemon

The Dragon Army lead by M-Cheeks

Other Animal Allies

Other Misc. Allies

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