Played by: CGI with voice over by (Zel's English actor)

Role: Supporting Protagonist. Crewmember of the Andromeda.

Origin World: Earth 3.0

Misc. Notes:

1.) Jusenkyo Curse -- In an earlier adventure in the Ranma-verse, Yeoman was knocked into the Spring of Drowned Zelgadis by Herb. Later, through a string of comedic "accidents", he was splashed by the locking ladle, thus temporarily locking him into that curse. Eventually, he plans to go find the unlocking ladle (Kais--whatever it's called). But for now, he's not too picky about his physical form. Here is a site describing Zelgadis.


1.) Luck/Probability control -- He usually leaves a probability field loosely around him, with an adjustable radius. This can be turned on/off as well. He can also cast hexes and curses and other such powers. When he remembers to, it can even cancel out the water attraction part of his Jusenkyo spell. Even without any activation, though, the luck tends to flare up at time, causing effects similar to one Captain Justy Tylor.

2.) Super speed -- 700 mph inside the Thread. Nigh-Flash levels Outside (just short of time travel speed). Can also lend speeds at very close range (target must remain withing a few feet in range). Speed is especially concentrated in regards to agility.

3.) Pocket dimension -- Anything he touches or touches him can be willed (it must be actively willed) into the pocket dimension. He can also will anything inside out at will. He can also travel in and out of there himself. Inside the pocket dimension (size of a small city), he has nigh omnipotence over everything inside. Effects and objects created inside the pocket dimension may not manifest outside, though. (Yes, I know I kinda stole from Brief 3.0's powers... ah well.)

4.) Slayers magic -- This is actually Zelgadis' power. Spells and their descriptions can be found on this site, under the different categories. Zelgadis typically practices all forms of Shamanism magic, especially the spirit type. However, with some superspeed studying, Yeoman-Zel has also learned a large portion of black magic as well.


1.) Zelgadis Curse -- minor additions to strength and durability. Resistance more to piercing damage than blunt damage. Also a small tendency to resist outside magic... as well as another tendency to attract water.


1.) a lightsaber

2.) Random objects collected from dimensional travels, all kept inside his subspace pocket.

3.) Image inducer/illusion charm -- To maintain human appearance despite the cursed form. He rarely needs to use it, though.

4.) standard psi-blocker, personal teleporter, and blaster

5.) tandard personal forcefield -- tuned so that it can operate "normally" at insane speeds.

6.) antigravity generator/flight simulation device -- adapted to high speeds


1.) Background stuff -- Standard college level education of Earth in whatever major/minor he was in.

2.) Martial Arts -- A few weeks/months of training in the Chinese Amazon village. He's about Ukyo level in pure fighting. The superspeed helps, though.

3.) Swordsmanship -- Due to the Jusenkyo curse.

4.) Magic Lore -- Misc. stuff he read up on after gaining his curse.

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