Played by: Lawrence Fishburne

Role: Supporting Protagonist. Crewmember of the Andromeda.

Origin World: Earth 3.0

Misc. Notes:

1.) Position -- Bodyguard/chaperone to Rune


1.) Mega Strength 5 with all enhancements

2.) Mega Dexterity 5 with all enhancements

3.) Mega Stamina 5 with all enhancements


1.) A few genetic enhancements on whatever it was he requested... it was a long time ago. Let's just say they raised his physical stats (strength, speed, durability, perception) are amped to Superman level when off-thread just for the movie.

2.) Low level psionics induced by Ramz 3.0 (Akira universe type)


1.) Draka-tech based armor/clothing with anti-gravity/flight simulator boosters that is also tweaked to withstand high speeds and damage. The armor is magically attuned and anchored to the wearer.

2.) cyber-tech D-hopper implant (limited to official PadT member worlds)

3.) standard psi-blocker (cybernetic), personal teleporter (cybernetic), and blaster (built into suit)

4.) high-tech scanner/tricorder built into suit

5.) standard personal forcefield -- as a redundancy and standard equip. He doesn't really need it most of the time. Built into suit.


1.) Background stuff -- Standard college level education of Earth in whatever major/minor he's in.

2.) extensive high-tech scientific/engineering studies.

3.) Matrix style martial arts neural download package.

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