Seth Dragialon

Played by: Haley Joel Osment

Role: Loose cannon

Origin World: Mirror Earth 0.2


1. Clairsentience

2. Immutability

3. Can enter small pocket dimension only accessible by self in which one has complete control over the environment and can create matter (which can only exist within PD). The PD and anyone inside it can not be attacked or altered in any way by outside forces.


1. Blue lightsaber- Seth's favorite color.

2. crystal pendant- a memento from Seth's late father. Has a strange power but can not be used to boost a clairsentience power.

3. picture of his parent's who dissapered while on a walk with his brother cody.

4. Psi blocking implants.

Special Skills:

1. Black belt in martial arts

2. high level computer skills

3. can be very poetic at times

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