Played by: Zhao "Vicky" Wei

Role: Main Heroine. Captain and pilot of the Andromeda.

Origin World: Earth 2.0


1.) Amberite shadow walking -- The basic dimension traveling package, with a judicious dash of probability altering ability. No actual Amberite prince reality altering powers, though. The probability powers are usually used to facilitate shadow walking, making it easier for her to "just happen" to know when she has reached her desired goals. However, if she is not concentrating 100% on the shadow walking, the probability powers tend to have little... side effects. And yes, the probability powers can be used for...other...effects as well.

2.) Sorcery powers ala Polgara the Sorceress -- After spending some time in the Eriondis universe, and with certain aides to her learning, she has been able to more or less pick up every skill that Polgara has demonstrated in the books. These include shape shifting, transmutation, matter creation, telepathic/kinetic effects, elemental control, and a few others. Also comes with her very own subspace pocket. Excessive use of these powers is typically draining on the lifeforce, and if she attempt something beyond her scope, she'd probably kill myself (temporarily) in the attempt.

3.) Highlander-style Quickening -- Take the standard package of regeneration, healing, and immunity to age/disease. Then add every odd quickening trick that was shown in the movies and a few from popular fanfics. This includes low level effects such as illusions, sensing lifeforce, mental influence, and a few others that only deal with other Immortals.


1.) Biological -- After figuring out that genetic enhancements aren't going to be doing much for her if she's going to be shapeshifting, she began experimenting with precision shifting. After much trial and error, she now has all the bio-enhancements she wants through shapeshifting parts of myself. This includes greater strength, stamina, speed, and reflexes, as well as much keener perceptions/senses.

2.) Nanotech -- Although the Culture nanites inside her usually stay dormant and unneeded, they can become activated in times of extreme stress/danger/need. Their functions, for the most part, are either redundant, or rarely needed.

3.) subcutaneous memory aide processor.


1.) Clothing -- The most notable thing about what she almost always wears is her Culture-tech gelsuit. But not just an ordinary gelsuit. It has been modified, courtesy of Reed Richards, to incorporate unstable molecules as well, thus making it more suitable should she use her shapeshifting powers. The suit has an AI, which tends to stay silent and only speak/do something when it needs to. It also has a mini-effector installed, with all standard options of such.

2.) Mallet-sama -- This is mostly a anime gag thing. It tends to show up only in comic situations. Most of the time, it stays inside her subspace pocket.

3. Need -- The sentient blade from the Valdemar novels. Picked up from the time right after the Gryphon series, and long before Kethry got her. She is fully awake, and can contribute magical powers as well as physical defense... and the odd comment, of course. When off ship, she is usually either kept in a supspace pocket, or strapped to Tanith's waist.

4.) Pokemon -- They will be explained later.

5.) Tricorder -- Somewhat based on Star Trek design, but has been enhanced by other higher techs so that it won't be mystified by particles of the day and such. Basically, consider it a portable clairsentience (plot) device.

6.) Medallion of Eriond -- Picked up when Tanith studied in the Vale on Eriondis, when agreed to be a semi-disciple of the new god of Angarak, Eriond. The medallion is usually used to boost her sorcery powers. It's also a very effective ward against evil of all sorts. And if truely necessary, it's also a direct "comm link" of sorts to Eriond.

7.) Horn of Valhalla -- A gift of Thor from one of her former adventures (invovling the Meddler). It summons the warriors dwelling in the Halls of Valhalla in the Marvel-verse. She has never had to use it yet.

8.) Personal Forcefield -- A mixture of science and ultra tech, innately redundant so that it works even in an environment that doesn't support tech or magic. Most of the time, it's concentrated in the area near her neck and head, where her vulnerable spot is. But it can be expanded with a thought or by gelsuit AI activation. It's maxium radius holds about three people loosely.

9.) personal teleporter -- for emergency use. It's range has a radius of about the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

10.) standard blaster with auto-aim/lock

11.) subcutaneous psi-blocker (another redundancy)


1.) Background stuff -- Standard Earth college level education in her perferred majors/minors. Some on the job training and experience with higher tech stuff. She usually delegates the real nuts and bolts stuff to Rommie (the Andromeda AI) or her engineers.

2.) Biology -- Practical knowledge of human and animal anatomy, biochemistry, etc., which is required for any decent shapeshifting. Can also be applied to certain healing effects in sorcery too.

3.) Piloting -- Much hands-on experience with piloting, especially the nerve-wracking roller coaster ride that is hellriding in the slipstream.

4.) Physical -- "That's what I have bodyguards for."

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