The Pokemon Allies


General Note: All of these pokemon have been upgraded physically and in their major element through nanotech, genetics, and magic. Each has a subcutaneous communicator, illusion generator, transponder, and self-controllable psi-blocker, (in one).

Eos, an "Eeveon"

Pallas, a Hootoot Tachi, a Scizor Leilani, a Bellosom Cody, a Porygon II Han-Mei, a Stantler


Joye, a Jigglypuff Lyta, a Ponyta Lyta remains unchanged from a regular ponyta, except that she has a set of magically created wings. ...Well, that and the fact that she can run faster than most Rapidashes, it's evolved form. That probably resulted from it's constant chasing after Han-Mei, which helped train her to reach supersonic speeds. Kanga, a Kangaskhan Bit, a Porygon Maia, a Chansey


Dumbdog, a Houndoom AnimeBug, a Scizor RandAlthr, an Alakazam


Dragonite Kadabra Houndour

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