Played by: Ben Affleck or Matt Damon

Role: Supporting Protagonist. Crewmember of the Andromeda.

Origin World: Earth 3.0

Misc. Notes:

Position -- Team minstrel, entertainer, jester, etc.


1.) Bardic Magic -- The powers (and potentials) of every type of bardic-based magic in all of fantasy. He tends to use stuff out of RPGs and video games, but he's also capable of the emotion manipulation, illusion/reality manipulation, summons types, from fantasy novels as well.

2.) The Voice -- What ever said has the exact right pitch and intonation to get the desired point across... (For example if one was trying to intimidate someone, It would sound big and booming. If one was trying to woo a lady, no matter what babble that came out of one's mouth will sound like elaborate poetry.)

3.) Object enchantment - The ability to enchant items/equipment with magical powers


1.) Genetic/nano enchancment of larynx... like duh.

2.) Stamina and durability enchancements.


1.) Various muscial instruments, enchanted and normal.

2.) Various music lyrics, soundtracks, tapes, etc.

3.) A subspace pocket to keep them all.

4.) Voice/volume amplifier

4.) standard psi-blocker, personal teleporter, personal forcefield, and blaster


1.) Background stuff -- Standard high school level education of whatever school he's in.

2.) Much musical talent, skills, and experience.

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