Drunkard Kid

Played by: Scott Stapp (vocalist from Creed)

Role: Supporting Protagonist. Crewmember of the Andromeda.

Origin World: Earth 3.0

Misc. Notes:

He was accidentally dragged along with Rune, Meta, and Yeoman. Now, he's just caught up in everything that's been happening.


1.) Animation -- The ability to make objects from images, drawings, etc., come to life at any (reasonable) size ratio. Has control of them, but can not make them do anything the drawing would not be able to do. Maximim size of creation is about that of a small moon. The larger the creation, the shorter the time it will last. Larger ratio creations and maxiumum sized creations will only last a day or three. Actual ratio (1:1) ones can last longer; and handheld sized ones last almost indefinitely. Though, of course, they can be willed back into non-existence beforehand.

2.) Tickle Vision -- Ability to make anyone in line of sight fall down laughing hysterically, not necessarily through physical effect. *eg*

3.) Dairy Manipulation -- Complete control over all dairy products. If it's dairy, or used to be dairy within the last day, he can affect it.


1.) Genetic/nano enhancements on speed and precision, as well as perception and memory.

2.) Tattoos -- Drawn on his hands or arms. Can be activated or called into reality at any time. (Most of the time, he only has one tattoo of a swirling boom tube portal drawn on one hand to be used as a mini subspace portal.)


1.) Comics, manga, magazines, pens, paper... the obvious.

2.) A subspace pocket to keep them all.

3.) standard psi-blocker, personal teleporter, and blaster

4.) standard personal forcefield

5.) subcutaneous holo-cam and projector -- records everything he sees (like pictures from comics) and can replay/project the image as a picture on the wall or a 3D hologram with a thought command.


1.) Background stuff -- Standard college level education of Earth in whatever major/minor he's in.

2.) Much artistic talent, skills, and experience.

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