Played by: Jason Biggs

Role: Supporting Protagonist. Co-Owner of PaDT, Inc.

Origin World: Earth 2.0

Misc. Notes

1.) Runs Planar and Dimensional Travels Inc. Is also the majority shareholder and the founder.

2.) Rich in a way most people can barely dream of. Friends in high places and most places.

3.) Trained rather briefly by Captain America. Not long enough for anything too spectacular, but very good with his body language reading.


1. Dimensional teleportation -- Can traverse dimensions. When really pressed for victory and his life is in danger, he can teleport specific parts of his opponent's body. But, needless to say, he don't like to.

2. Clairsentience -- Can see anything, anywhere. This power extends to other dimensions as well. It also includes postcognition and precognition, as in the power to see possible futures.

3. Omniversial language fluency -- Can read, understand, translate, speak, and write in any language, including body language.


1. High Guard Force Lance -- Keyed to his DNA and dimensional signature. Will shock anyone who tries to use it other than him. Can be used for stick fighting, can shoot electricity, and responds to thought.

2. psi blockers.

3. a video game style backpack, mostly containing pokeballs and potions and random game cards.

4. A magical jar of salve gifted by Thor. Can heal most injuries almost instantaneously.

5. two digivices, of the variety used in season three, complete with card slot for upgrading the coresponding Digimon

6. two medawatches, capable of interdimensional communication and transportation for his medabots. Plus they tell time accurately.


1. Background -- Bachelor's degree in business management.

2. minor martial arts.

3. Registered Pokemon trainer. 8 gym badges.

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