The Watcher

Played by: Alan Rickman

Role: Protagonist forced to work for the Evil Overlord

Origin World: Earth 2.0

Misc. Notes:

1.) Unwilling Tool: The Watcher is not a willing servant of the Overlord, but a captive who's being coerced via instrumentation into aiding him with his powers. Though forced to serve, he has refused to be broken, resentful and defiant in attitude to the point that he dares insult the Overlord and his minions. Biding his time, he awaits an opportunity to escape, or at the very least enact any vengence he can upon his hated captors.


1.) Gate Manipulation -- can open and close gates between any two locations, including other dimensions; gates remain until made to close

2.) Clairsentience -- Can ascertain location of any person, place, or thing and can see and hear them no matter what the circumstances, such as darkness, invisibility, background noise

3.) Immutability -- Preservation against drastic or unwanted change at all levels, such as physical, mental, spiritual, quantum, etc. One is unaging with this power. Can be killed by overwhelming physical force of artillery barrage level or higher while on Alternate, Prime, and Mirror Earth. Any damage or alteration which somehow manages to be inflicted despite Immutability is instantly undone when Immutability is in effect, as the subject is restored to his original condition.


Note: Due to his Immutability, the Watcher is limited to only enhancements which can reasonably coexist in a human's body without anatomical alteration, such as nano-symbiotes and tiny implants which can fit in natural internal spaces in the body. Also due to his Immutability, he would receive no benefits from enhancements which function by altering the body's natural performance, such as strength or speed augmentation.

1.) Subcantaneous Psi-Blocker: Though Immutability protects one from mental alteration or control, it provides no defense from mind reading. So to protect his secrets the Watcher obtained this device. It can be switched on and off at will, allowing the Watcher to drop his defenses should he wish to do so.

2.) Babel Fish Symbiotes: Picked up in the Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy universe, they translate any and all languages.


Note: This just lists the personal gear he had when he was captured by Overlord ChuckG's forces.

1.) Key of Power: Given to him by Thor after the Asgard Saga, it's an artifact which enables his powers to pierce all barriers, allowing him to see and create gates connecting to areas which would normally be shielded from him. It's attuned to him and will not function for anyone else.

2.) Avenger's Identicard: Made a Reserve Avenger after the Asgard Saga, he was given this as part of his membership package.

3.) Vibranium Mesh Armor: Tailored to be worn underneath normal clothing.

4.) A Phaser: Circa Next Generation, normally set on stun

5.) A Tricorder: Circa Next Generation, set to notify him if unusually strong energy sources or spatial anomalies appear in his vicinity, to give early warning of any potential attackers.

6.) A Predator Invisibility Field Generator

7.) An Image Inducer: With several default images programed in.

8.) Unstable Molecule Clothing

9.) A Lightsaber

10.) An automatic pistol and 3 clips of enchanted bullets which contain both silver and cold iron, and imbued with essence of sunlight.

11.) The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy: The guide, not the novel.

12.) A Towel


1.) General Background Knowledge: Standard college level education in his major/minor of interest, supplemented by additional training in other dimensions after he gained his powers.

2.) Combat Skills: Since becoming a Reserve Avenger whenever he's gotten a chance to drop by Marvel Earth he's trained with Captain America and other Avengers. Also trained with Luke (post ROTJ) in lightsaber combat, and taken training courses for all the weapons he's carried.

3.) Mental Disciplines: Has studied under various mental specialists such as Vulcan meditation instructors and jedi to defend his mind against telepathic probes in the event his psi-blocker is deactivated. Trained under the Shao-Lom monks, who taught Heather Douglas, an ordinary human, how to utilize the innate psionic potential everyone has. Due to a less rigourous training regimen and shorter amount of instruction time compared to hers, has only achieved low levels of psionic power so far(The Shadow as opposed to Moondragon).

The low level psionics are not common knowledge, and have yet to be discovered by captors.

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