Played by: Vin Diesel

Role: Main Hero. HALST Founder.

Origin World: Earth 2.0


1.) DBZ Chi powers - on earth prime, gives me Thing like strength, max durability, flight, and max speed/reflexes. Also gives me the ability to teleport (Goku IT), solar flare, destructo disk, and regular blasts. Off earth prime Im around a SSJ2.

2.) The force - on earth prime, average force user, off of earth prime, Master Jedi.

3.) Gravity control - on earth prime, can create gravity fields up to strength limit (heavier or lighter). Off earth prime, think Graviton, though I canít move continents, I can create mini black holes, higher strength output for gravity etc.


1.) Mind shield implants, and healing implants (less than wolvie tho)


1.) A lightsaber

2.) Another lightsaber

3.) Sayjin body armor, able to wistand impacts from 100+ ton punches without damage. Able to change molecular bonds to stretch/grow like reeds FF suits. (sajins changing into monkey form)

4.) Mayhaps bringing along one of HALST's Battle cruisers.

5.) Forgot my magical artifacts I recived from The demon realm... will post soon.


1.) Collage education, mostly in the arts.

2.) Martial Arts -- Constant training, everyday. Have been training in the hyperbolic time chamber, once with Goku and once with Piccolo (2 days=2 years), Train constantly with Krispy (who has photo reflexes, and is the best fighter on earth prime), also, live/train most of my life on earth prime in 60x earth gravity, off EP can train in 1000x+ easily.

3.) Swordsmanship -- Been trainin' with Mac, also a jedi master.

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