Played by: unknown

Role: Loose Canon

Origin World: Mirror Earth 0.2

Misc. Notes:

Kontrol has spent quite a few months (each) in various different realms. Learning different cultures, but one thing heís always had a weakness for were good sporting events. So he is somewhat knowledgeable about blitzball, quidditch, fighting arenas and even pokemon battles, however heís only participated in blitzball. As an aside, heís became quite friendly with a green-skinned woman by the name of Gamora. (Not romantic or anything, just enough the sheís probably the only person he would use the word friend to describe)


1.) Mirror Master's Access to Mirror Dimension -- Originally allowed me to port directly to the Mirror Dimension and wreck havoc from it. Now it has, though some duplicitous piggyback dimensional traveling, increase to levels of access the Mirror Master could only hope for. The dimensional transport now is transdimensional (that is any multiversal dimension is accessible through kontrolís power now. He does, however, need his kinetic control power to attain the right dimensional frequency). Also, all of the tricks that Mirror Master has pulled in the past has now been mastered by kontrol, through spying and other unsavory tactics. Surfaces only need to be semi-specular (reflective) for him to use. However, some form of preparation (hour plus) is needed for higher level tricks like mirror life-like dupes of opponents. Though mirror dupes for himself is a snap. Kontrol has achieved intergalactic transport outside of the Earth Prime (2.0) reality through the Mirror Dimension. Thus he make it a point not to be in Earth Prime much, since he feels much freer away from it.

2. Invisibility to Psychic Powers -- Invisibility was only the beginning and in truth is was a misnomer. Kontrol isnít so much invisible to psychic (mental and empathic) powers as so much said powers wash over him as if he was nonexistent. Away from Earth Prime, controls invisibility extends to magical powers as well. His person is an anomaly to non-physical effects, however, this is not a field/area effect. The aura only extends to his clothing. Thusly other objects can be affected by psychic powers and these objects can affect him.

3. Kinetic Control -- On Earth Prime, his control over kinetic energies was great enough to actually simulate other forms of kinesis (tele, hydro, bio, tactile, awareness etc.). On his pirated time away from Earth Prime, kontrol learned even greater control. Control enough to actually move molecules with his mind. This particular trick he generally only uses for creating mirrored surfaces where there might not be any. It is also used to make rudimentary weapons, such as, stiletto blades, hammers, etc. Anything more massive than 10 lbs put an unnecessary (in his mind) strain on him and he almost never goes beyond that. Complex constructs require more time than his chosen professions would allow (tracker, bounty hunter, assassin, smuggler, bank robber, spy,Öyou see the pattern). His kinetic control has also allowed him to simulate other physical attributes that would normally be beyond him (enhanced agility, enhanced strength, dexterity, etc.). Kinetic control also makes him absolutely the best at cracking tumble locks and any mechanical locking mechanism.

Equipment: 1.) Anti-Trojan horse system. An anti-tampering field which renders all nanites not approved by him inoperative once they come within one inch of his person or closer (internal nanites donít work either). The anti-tampering field checks every nanite in kontrolís system for consistency. Should a nanite be inconsistent with itís recorded version. It is destroyed and a new one will not be made until kontrol authorizes replacements. (Yes I know, these nanites arenít self-replicating without the authorization code, nor do they self-repair, kontrol is just too paranoid.) While he feels no qualms about spying on others, he hates people spying on him.

2.) Paralytic nerve toxins (temporary paralysis), magnesium flares, and high pitched whistlers. Just general disorienting and incapacitation weapons

3.) Sealed systems suit built from nanites(this is kontrolís only designed use of his nanites). Provides oxygen for one hour and allow kontrol to work in space or underwater for that duration. Obtained from a pirated trip to the WildStorm universe from the Engineer with modification so that itís not in his blood but sealed in a capsule somewhere on his body. The suit is malleable and has some reflective surfaces on it.

4.) Vanguard (First Strike) Claw: obtained on a jaunt to FFX universe, allows him to make the first action during a battle (even if ambushed) if he has it on. Which he almost always does. This weapon acts in the following manner. Should kontrol be ambushed with Vanguard equipped on his hand, time to him slows to a crawl (to him itís five seconds, to the rest of the world itís instantaneous). He then gets to make his own choice as to what he will do against the enemy he faces in that five-second span. The weapon has a slightly disorienting effect of time dilation, so kontrol only really gets to decide whether heís going to fight (in this case, his first attack) or flee (in this case, mirror out) the situation. This effect only happens at a beginning of a battle or specifically when his adrenal levels would raise above normal.

5.) Omniversal Translator Ė enables him to speak any multiversal language like a native.

6.) Typical blaster. Nothing special about it.

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