Cheeks' Dragon Army


M-cheeks Dragon army are not Dragons in the traditional Tolkein/D&D sense. They are essentially living, breathing nexus points... Two beings in one. They are, effectively, and in the same space

Cheeks' dragons are magic made flesh. They draw power from the belief of humans in fiction, and their acceptance of fiction as fact. They are one half pure, undistilled magic.


The dragons of the Cheeks-verse are not the ravenous beasts of popular fiction, although they do require quite a lot of food to survive. They are quite intelligent, much more so than most humans. They have as wide a variety of intrests and personalities as humanity. However, most dragons, sometime during early adolescence, aquire a particular passion, which they chase with indominatable will. Be it art, music, kidnapping maidens or flower arranging, most dragons will spend around 75% of their waking hours pursuing their chosen passion. They also tend to be quite extreme in their personalities. A lazy dragon is very lazy. An angry dragon... Well, let's just say they're best avoided.

There's no in between with dragons. It's all or nothing, life or death.

Dragons and Faith:

Dragons are incredibly tough. Even without their magical component, they are comportable in power to your average dinosaur. Dragons are creatures of magic and faith. Or, more precisely, dragons are creatures of anti-logic. Dragons gain power from encounters with people who have faith in the effectiveness of things they don't truly understand. This includes...

Therefore, if you turn on the light in the living room in the presence of a dragon, and you Don't understand how it works, the dragon gains some power.

Fighting Dragons:

Dragons are, for the most part, immune to attacks based on magic of high tech. The level of faith required to operate these things, combined with the prectitioners lack of understanding about their inner workings, powers the dragon more then the detrimental affects of these attacks. This means that the effectiveness of even guns would bury from person to person. A gunsmith would have a much more logical understanding of the way his weapon works, and his attack would be much less dependant on faith based on weapons he doesn't understand.

The two most effective ways to stop dragons are:

The four genders of dragons:

Are Males, which are red, and winged. Females, which are blue and amphibious. Hermaphodites, which are green and long-legged, and Neuters, which are silver, small, and magical.

Each breed of dragon has it's own specific properties:

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