Chaos Bringer Yeoman

Played by: Jason Lee (with a beard)

Role: Supporting Villain. Lieutenant of the Evil Overlord.

Origin World: Mirror Earth 0.2

Behold! THe powers, abilities and... other... stuff... of The Chaos Bringer: Yeoman!

Misc. Notes:

Position: Assistent to the Overlord's Fist.


Dimensional Travel: Self Explanatory really.

Dark Side Force Mastery: For the purposes of the movie, assume this has reached the snuff and re-ignite suns level of force power.

The Zone of Absolute Fortune: Allows others to gain the deepest desires. Works by either a small mental push that urges people to go after their desires, as well as subtle probabliity manipulation.


Light Saber: Formally owned by Darth Vader.


Gir: Malfunctioning SIR unit. Gir is insane, and likely to do the last thing you need him to at any moment. But he does come in handy from time to time.

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