Rune Silverstar

Played by: Lin "Ruby" Xin-Ru

Role: Supporting protagonist. Crewmember of the Andromeda.

Origin World: Earth 3.0

Misc. Notes:

1.) Age -- She's about 16 years old, though her personality makes her seem younger. However, that is not an indication of her intelligence, which is above average for a 16 year old. And yes, she can be mature if the situation truly warranted it.


1.) Immutability -- Preservation against drastic or unwanted change at all levels, such as physical, mental, spiritual, quantum, etc. One is unaging with this power. Can be killed by overwhelming physical force of artillery barrage level or higher while on Alternate, Prime, and Mirror Earth. Any damage or alteration which somehow manages to be inflicted despite Immutability is instantly undone when Immutability is in effect, as the subject is restored to his original condition.

2.) Clairsentience -- She can see anything, anywhere. This power extends to other dimensions as well. It also includes postcognition and precognition, as in the power to see possible futures.

3.) Magic ala Pug/Milamber (Feist's novels) -- Inside the thread universes, she's limited to the magics he has shown before the Serpentwar Saga, plus the usual restraints. Outside, she had the potential to use the magics he's shown during the saga. Most of the time, she uses her magic to open/manipulate/seal rifts from one place to another. Like Pug, she is capable of both the Greater and Lesser Paths of magic.

Note: Passive magic effects such as alignment detection or truth-seeing spells can be "piggy backed" on top of her clairvoyance to affect targets a long distance away. Active spells like transmutation and fireball cannot.


1.) Psi-blocker -- Another precaution/redundancy.

2.) A few enchantments, if she decides to cast them beforehand.

3.) Dormant nanites -- same deal as Tanith's

4.) standard personal forcefield -- Similar to mine, except set for full body coverage, and usually left off. At full power, it can take one (but not multiple) Death Star shots with some strain. It is also attuned to the user, and cannot be lost or used by another.

5.) personal teleporter -- with stealth mode so that she can use it as an alternative to her standard method of rift-travel (which is more easily detectable).


1.) Clothing -- At skin-tight level, she wears a plain jumpsuit of a material just as durable as herself. Outside, she has a cloak that can change form to whatever style of clothing she wants.

2.) Pokemon -- Will be explained later

3.) Magic tomes -- These are copies of various magic texts from the Academy at Stardock, as well as from Pug's private collections. While her magic can be cast intuitively, the spells that are pre-described in the tomes are generally more helpful for complex effects. These tomes are kept... somewhere, and she rifts them to herself upon need.


1.) Background stuff -- Standard high school level education from the high school she (and I) attended.

2.) Magic -- More than a year of intensive studying at the Stardock Academy, followed by sporadic personal tutorings by Pug and his close associates.

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