Krispy Kreme

Played by: Bolo Yeung

Role: Supporting Protagonist. HALST leader.

Origin World: Earth 2.0


1.) Tactile Telekinesis - Like Superboy/Match/Black Zero; had learned to manipulate energy & consciously affect my body, unlike Superboy

2.) Photographic Reflexes - Don't tell me you're from this board and haven't heard of Taskmaster's famed abilities?

3.) Holographic Illusion Projection - Non-interactive holograms only; manipulations of light/energy, not a mental projection


1.) General psi-blocking implants. Can be overwhelmed, of course, as all things can

2.) Matrix style download of many, many, many martial arts and other fighting styles.


1.) 2 lightsabres - purple

2.) Unstable molecule suit

3.) Tesseracting briefcase armory - hand to hand/throwing weapons only. Absolutely no guns.


1.) Some college

2.) Heavy martial arts study & training - First begun by watching all the available martial arts videos in our universe, then started cruising other universes, learning & fighting against other fighters as much as possible as soon as I was able enough, and skilled enough to manipulate my TTK. Through out the fictional-universes, I've taken to learning virtually every form of combat accessible. I've undergone constant training in heavy-grav chambers (Zero grav as well) like Ramz, as well as underwater, blindfighting, exp handling multiple opponents, and everything else I've forgotten

3.) Weapons Training - Originally, I've been shooting handguns since I was 12. I've undergone much more since receiving powers. Since I'm pretty much the official HALST trainer, I've got excellent experience in most of the ranged weapons available (guns, lasers, disruptors, bow & arrow, throwing knives, etc.) and an incredible amount of experience with hand-to-hand/close combat weapons.

Note for 2 & 3: I haven't simply used the Photographic Reflexes to copy moves/maneuvers/skills, but I've gone into very heavy training with all the copied tactics - unlike most of the ordinary people who picked PR as an ability. THis should be pretty evident, since my basic premise for Krispy 2.0 was to become a veritable fighting god.

4.) Learned to play musical instruments - lots of 'em.

5.) Damn nifty chess player, if I do say so myself.

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