Played by: Harrison Ford

Role: Main Hero. HALST Leader.

Origin World: Earth 2.0

Misc. Notes:

Hmmm, I think in adition to my usual Pokemon I have on the 2.0 thread, I'm going to bring in the adventuring group I mentioned. They definately would want to stop ChuckG...

Position -- Batman-esque member of HALST.


1.) Can summon any innanimate object

2.) Dimensional Teleport

3.) Wolverine level healing ability


1.) Standard physical/ durability enhancers

2.) Memory enhancers

3.) standard psi-blocker


1.) Lightsaber

2.) Final Fantasy "Backpack"

3.) Quantinum Armoured Correlian Corevette w/ droid crew

4.) Belt of Titan Strength

5.) Standard inter-dimensional HALST communicator


1.) Background stuff -- Standard high school level education of whatever school he's in.

2.) HALST combat training

3.) Star Wars level tech-training

4.) Inncreditable knowledge of RPG games

5.) The innate ability to show up whenever a Nobody joke is made.

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