The NPC Crew of the Andromeda Ascendant

Most of these folks are pretty self explanatory. They are there more for the smooth running of the ship than for off-ship activities. When and if off ship, they all get the standard equipment stuff.

Kasumi Tendo (Ranma 1/2) -- Cook. Has also been taking advanced lessons in shiatsu and herbalism.

Iron Chefs -- Cooks.

Montgomery Scot (Star Trek) -- Main engineer; miracle worker.

MacGyver -- Assisstant engineer; also does emergency maintenance .

Hank McCoy/Beast (Marvel) -- Biochemist from an alternate MU; left right after graduation from Xavier's school.

Samuel Beckett (Quantum Leap) -- Physics specialist.

Gordon Freemen (Half Life) -- Physics and other sciences specialist. Also has combat experience.

Qui-Gon Jinn (Star Wars) -- Liason from the SWU that PaDT has an ongoing arrangement with. Also doubles as combat specialist and diplomat.

Firesong k'Treva (Velgarth) -- Healer Adept; Magic specialist. After some judicious cognitive upgrading, he's mastered several non-Velgarth forms of magic already, and is constantly working on more.

Silverfox k'Leshya (Velgarth) -- Counsellor. Also studying advanced herbalism and medicine.

Filia (Slayers) -- Golden Dragon. Healer. She also seemed to have brought an unwelcome "companion" with her, Xellos, who keeps trying to break into the Andromeda to annoy her. Since he can't breach the defenses of the Andromeda directly, he keeps trying to find loopholes around the defenses. Every once in a while, he succeeds, and the rest of us has to work to close that loophole. On the bright side, this has made the ship more secure each time, as the holes in its defenses are found early.

Robin's Minstrels (Monty Python) -- More comedy relief than entertainment...

Various un-named droids and technicians, etc.

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