Other Miscellaneous Allies

Assembled by Nobody:

Written by Nobody

The Adventuring NPC's That I have assembled (note all of these are from the Final Fantasy RPG)

Taran: A 12-13 year old sneak-thief he basically has Plot Device level stealth skills as well as Pickpocket rating. He can steal weapons right out of peoples hands in combat, even as a reactionary power... (note: thanks to Mug when he does this he also gets a free stab) Not to mention Charm powers (steal Heart) which can charm any female he uses it on. And lets not forget his Chocobo, Turbo.

Roger: A tech guy. At 11 (Which to melineia + old elves is nothing) he is already a scientific genius. His first invention was a Cure ray, capable of healing people no matter how close to dead they were... (No revivng actual dead people though...) Sort of a croos between Momo, Lucca, with a bit of Reed thrown in for good measure. However, he is in essence an easily cowed Nerd, and so doesn't like to participate in fighting...

Avery: The Wrath of Final Fantasy... (Well, short of the MunchKING...) A 60 year old Elf, on the brink of Manhood has Gone on a noble quest, and is out to be a great hero. He's followed, by his younger brother Tuimulty. Many (mis)adventures later, after growing great in power and skill, he has acheived legendary status. The greatest Summons are his to command. Bahaumet trembles at his call... Odin cleaves his enemies like grain. And his powerful Black Magic grant him destructive powers wisely feared... When all of the sudden one day, he approached by an oddly dressed man, and asked to join him on a Quest against an Evil Tyranical Overlord. Being the Hero he is, Avery rapidly agrees, and Timulty sneaks on board their ship.

Gohan: Yep, he's my parody of the popular Anime charecter... Strength rivalling Gods, brain power of a Smarter-than-Average rock. He is (duh) a Black Belt, and thus uses those Hand-claw things. He has the usual Cool chi attacks like the Kahmahama (Aurabolt) or Keikioken (Pummel/Bum Rush). He also has Willpower that you could bounce a quarter off of. He makes Granny Weatherwax look like a wishy-washy spoiled little kid. (he does do the whole "See the Full moon and grow ten feet and get Huge Stat bonus" thing too...)

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