Played by: Ed Wasser

Role: Alignment Uncertain. Crewmember of the Andromeda.

Origin World: Earth 2.0 and 3.0

Misc. Notes:

1.) Position -- Bodyguard on the Andromeda

2.) Affiliations -- HALST; current standing under negotiation.

3.) Continuity notes -- Jaffa is essentially a merge of his previous 2.0 and 3.0 selves.


1.) Psychokinesis -- If it can be done psionically, chances are he can do it. At current levels, he's more powerful than non-Pheonix Jean outside of the Thread.

2.) Mind Shield -- His mind, nervous system, and anything to do with thinking is sheilded from all sources of outside tampering, unless he expressly allows it to. This includes all psionic, neural, pheromone, etc. attacks. He is also invisible to all forms of telepathy and mental-seeking scrying (he won't even show up as a blank; he wouldn't show up at all).

3.) Shapeshifting -- Self explanatory. Can copy inherent powers along with forms. Can also imitate non-organic or non-sentient creatures or objects and still retain his own sentience.


1.) Standard HALST package -- nanite upgrades of strength, durability, speed, etc.


1.) A lightsaber (or three...)

2.) An Uru Sword (I forget the name) -- Gift from Thor with certain magical properties.

3.) Unstable Molecules based suit -- convenient for shapeshifting

4.) standard personal forcefield -- with an extra enchantment/effect that enforces total invisibility (to all senses, including most non-human ones).

5.) personal teleporter with stealth mode

6.) a device that phases him MM style. Can also work in conjuction with his powers.

8.) Other HALST goodies they have not informed me of.


1.) Background stuff -- Standard college level education of Finland; basic military training also of Finland.

2.) Physical -- Extensive training with HALST. Very intense training.

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