Played by: undecided

Role: Supporting Protagonist. Crewmember of the Andromeda.

Origin World: Earth 2.0

Misc. Notes:

1.) Position -- Bodyguard

2.) Affiliations -- Formerly of the Earth 2.0 military.


1.) Superstrength -- (edit) In the thread, at Thing limits. Outside of the Thread... much higher. In terms of MtG stats, I guess he would count as (10/5) or more.

2.) Empathic projection -- Basically, super-charisma. He can induce certain emotions in others. This does not include empathic reception, which is reading the emotions of others. The intensity of the power is dependent on how many people are being targetted. More people means less intense projections on each.

3.) Red Magic from MtG -- He is limited to spells of 3 mana total or lower. He carries around soil samples from mountains as conduits to "tap" their mana. For each "tapped" source, it takes about 20 minutes before it "untaps". Usually, he carries around 25-30 different soil samples with him, kept in separate containers in his subspace pocket. Note: he can also cast/create artifacts, which can be cast using mana of any color. He can cast up to four colorless mana just for artifacts.


1.) A few genetic enhancements of speed, durability, etc.


1.) Armor -- The suit is a mixture of the Iron Man armor, Jango Fett's armor, and with web-shooters installed. I don't even want to know what else he stuck in there. The transformation sequence itself is embarrassing....

2.) standard psi-blocker

3.) subspace pocket

4.) standard personal forcefield

5.) personal teleporter

6.) various guns and energy blasters


1.) Background stuff -- Standard college level education of Earth in whatever major/minor he's in.

2.) Military training -- of the Earth 2.0 variety after the government started picking up supers and off-world ultra tech. Excels in weaponry marksmanship in particular.

3.) Engineering -- quite a bit to be able to put that armor of his together in any sort of coherent manner. It might be due to his innate ability to create/cast MtG artifacts. *shakes head ruefully*

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