Cody Dragialon

Played by:

Role: Loose Cannon

Origin World: Mirror Earth 0.2


1.) Interdimensional Teleportation

2.) Mind Shield -- Portection from all froms of attack that would affect the mind.

3.) Duplication -- Can produce an exact duplicate of an object or creature that one has seen and has complete control over it. Although the clone of any creature will retain it's phycial strength it will not mimic any of their powers or magical abilites. (Limit of 40 duplicates which can maintain an independent existence beyond LOS at the same time, must actually have been in the physical presence of actual item in cases of ultra tech or magical items for them to function like original, can not create functional duplicates of artifact level items like Green Lantern Ring or Infinity Guantlet).


(Due to cody's duplication power he can carry a large assortmant of firepower, the list is so big in fact that I couldn't list it all here. But it includes most basic and advanced weapons.)

1.) Personal forcefield

2.) Dark sunglasses

3.) Healer nanites -- special nanites that will heal any small wounds and replace tissue. Can also heal internal organ damage to a degree but can do nothing for any damage to the brain.

4.) The Black Reaper -- Personal battleship. Contains a variaty of special upgrades and it's own small army of mini attack drones.

5.) Red lightsaber


1.) Weapons training -- can handle all types of weapons wery well.

2.) Chemisty master -- Has obtained a PhD in Chemisty and Geneitics.

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