The Meddler

Played by: Alan Rickman (with beard)

Role: Self Serving Ally to the Heros with an Agenda

Origin World: Mirror Earth 0.2


1.) The movie version of the Meddler diverges from Mirror Thread continuity at the point where he would have acquired his Cosmic Cube. With the death of the Dread Warlord FBH at Overlord Chuck's hands and the destruction of his divine energy accumulator in the mop up operation, his plans to drain the divine energy from FBH to power his Cosmic Cube had to be shelved.

2.) Illuminati Master: With one or two notable exceptions, the Meddler prefers to operate behind the scenes and control things covertly. By using bribes, blackmail, mind control technology, magical charms, and other techniques of manipulation, he has achieved major influence or absolute control over a number of government agencies, corporations, criminal syndicates, religious groups, mystical orders, secret societies, and other organizations throughout the multiverse.

3.) Galactic Emperor: One of the notable exceptions, the Meddler early in his career ascended to the throne of The Empire of Star Wars following the death of Emperor Palpatine. The initiatiating action which led to this development can be seen here. Since that time during his reign as Emperor he has increased prosperity, raised general technological levels, and generated a strong loyalty and massive popularity among all the subjects of his Empire.


1.) Gate Manipulation -- can open and close gates between any two locations, including other dimensions; gates remain until made to close

2.) Clairsentience -- Can ascertain location of any person, place, or thing and can see and hear them no matter what the circumstances, such as darkness, invisibility, background noise, etc

3.) Immutability -- Preservation against drastic or unwanted change at all levels, such as physical, mental, spiritual, quantum, etc. One is unaging with this power. Can be killed by overwhelming physical force of artillery barrage level or higher while on Alternate, Prime, and Mirror Earth. Any damage or alteration which somehow manages to be inflicted despite Immutability is instantly undone when Immutability is in effect, as the subject is restored to his original condition.


Note: Due to his Immutability, the Meddler is limited to only enhancements which can reasonably coexist in a human's body without anatomical alteration, such as nano-symbiotes and tiny implants which can fit in natural internal spaces in the body. Also due to his Immutability, he would receive no benefits from enhancements which function by altering the body's natural performance, such as strength or speed augmentation.

1.) Subcantaneous Psi-Blocker: Though Immutability protects one from mental alteration or control, it provides no defense from mind reading. So to protect his secrets the Meddler obtained this device. It can be switched on and off at will, allowing the Meddler to drop his defenses should he wish to do so.

2.) Guardian Nano-Symbiotes: Though immune to nanotech methods of destruction thanks to his Immutability (because they work through individual nanites inflicting tiny amounts of damage which accumulate), the Meddler was not immune to nanites passively riding in him for surveillance and tracking purposes (A method he's employed himself). As a precautionary measure, he obtained the above to detect and destroy any unauthorized nanites in his system.


Note: With his powers and resources, the Meddler has access to a wide variety of equipment from many dimensions. Below is the bare minimum he always carries around as personal gear.

1.) Immutability Enhancer: This small wristband amplifies the Meddler's innate Immutability to a considerable degree. At the default operating level the Meddler can withstand point blank thermonuclear blasts with no ill effects. At the highest setting he is capable of withstanding a Death Star blast without sustaining any damage. The power capicitor stores enough energy to allow for a year of continuous use at the default setting, or five hours of continuous use at the maximum amplification level.

The device also features several anti-tampering measures to defend against interference with its functions.

2.) Unstable Molecule Attire

3.) Neuro-responsive Image Inducer

4.) A Phaser: Circa Next Generation but augmented for greater maximum power storage and output.

5.) A Lightsaber

6.) A minaturized (via Pym Particles) Romulan Cloaking Device

7.) A Tricorder: Circa NG, but greatly augmented by tech minions.

8.) Ring of Freedom of Movement

9.) Ring of Mind Shielding

10.) Magic Resistance Talismans

11.) MIB Neuralizer

12.) Universal Translator

13.) Interdimensional Transceiver

14.) Automatic Pistol with 3 clips of Depleted Necronium Bullets*


As noted above the Meddler has access to vast array of resources which he could employ should necessity demand it. The Meddler prefers to play close to his vest, only calling upon the minimum amount of resources he considers necessary to accomplish a task. Rarely does he take the overkill approach. He prefers the subtlety of a surgeons scalpel to the hammer of brute force, though he is willing to employ brute force when the situation warrants it.

As far as minions go, the Meddler tends to recruit talented people from all fields and rewards good work generously. He tends to choose those who he feels aren't too dangerously ambitious, and prepares several countermeasures and contingencies in case they ever decide to go rogue. He also compartmentilizes his organization. No one but the Meddler knows the full extent of his organization and resources. Some examples of the poeple recruited by the Meddler include Taskmaster, Robot Techno, Mentallo, Warren from Buffy, the Wrecking Crew, and a cadre of AIM scientists. The Meddler has experts in every field either working for him, or working for people who work for him.


1.) General Background Knowledge: Standard college level education in his major/minor of interest, supplemented by additional training in other dimensions after he gained his powers.

2.) Martial Arts: Hired the Taskmaster as a personal trainer and underwent an intensive training program in multiple unarmed and melee weapon combat styles. (Taskmaster was subsequently kept on as Head Trainer of new Clone Troopers, whose genetic template was based on his with some modificatons.)

3.) Lightsaber Combat: Recruited a number of Sith adepts and fallen jedi from his and other Star Wars universes, and trained under them in lightsaber combat.

4.) Arcane Arts: Has studied several systems of magic which are not dependent on any innate qualities, but are merely the application of occult knowledge and lore that anyone can potentially learn and perform. These include D&D Wizardry, WOD: Sorceror linear magic, and several of the more basic spells of the Marvel Universe. Has achieved a journeyman level of competence in them generally, such as that of a 5th level wizard for D&D, or an average of 3 in every path of linear magic. He employs professionals if he requires anything more powerful.

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