Played by: Neil Patrick Harris

Role: Comedic Sidekick of the Meddler

Origin World: Mirror Earth 0.2

Misc. Notes:

1.) Alliances -- Member of Halst and underling of the Meddler. Not the sort of guy who will let the fact that the two are sworn enemies bother him.

2.) Personality -- Completely and totally off his gourd. Not as dumb as the Munch-King, exactly, just totally out of touch with reality as we know it. Like Munchy, he's fairly easily manipulated.

3.) A sample of his behavior

Powers: 1.) Can mimic the powers of any ONE person on the thread. Once he's chosed to Mimic a certain power-set, he can't change powers for at least a day.

2.) Can call up "The temple" a large, gothic church covering a 30 yard by 50 yard by 40 yard high structure. Has near total control over the environment inside the temple, but may not kill or immobilize for more than a couple minutes any who enter. Can also use the temple to transport things (non-organic) although the more stuff in the temple the harder it is to transport.

3.) The power to be annoying. Basically this grants him the ability to turn up in the most inoppurtune (and funny!) places, and protects him from serious harm.


Note: All are carried in his "Pockets of Infinite Deth"

1.) One D-Hopper

2.) One "Wand of Infinite Power" (Activated by a command word, now forgotten. Mostly used as a back-scratcher.)

3.) One +3 Wand of Cat Arousal

4.) One book of Matches from Rick's (Casablanca Earth)

5.) One picture of Ingrid Bergman signed 'Cheeks... I'll never forget our night in Paris... Love Ingy."

6.) One picture of Humphrey Bogart, signed "Cheeks..I'll always treasure our one night of bliss in Milan. Here's lookin' at M-you kid. Bogey."

7.) An unreleased CD single of the 2-Pac Shakur cover of "Imagine"...... "You Might Say I'm A Dreamer/Then I'll cap your Mother#$%^in' #$%?"

8.) A picture of the sign in front of the Alma Michigan VFW post, circa late '93, originally reading "Fish Fry, Thursday Night. Public Welcome"...But with the "L" removed from Public.

9.) a Copy of "Chicken Soup for the Chicken-Mollestor Soul"

10.) Elivs.

11.) The only existing VHS copy of the ORIGINAL, NC-17 rated version of Spider-man, sadly incomplete. (It fades out with the line "C'mere Tiger... Let's get that hot costume off of you... OH MY GOD! You've grown 8 extra........"

12.) A high school notebook, with "I (heart) Lengthy" written all over the front and back cover in flowery script.

13.) An autographed picture of "Lassie" signed..."Woof Woof, Worget Woof Woof Cairo. Woof... Lassie"

14.) A scrap of paper, containing the answer to the question "What is the Meaning of life?"

15.) A scrap of paper, containing the answer to the question "If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around, does it make a noise?"

16.) A scrap of paper, containing the answer to the question "Just how does yeast get down girls's pants, anyway?"

17.) A complete set of Garbage Pail Kids/Pokemon crossover cards, including the ultra-rare "Nose-Pickachu, and "CharlieHorseMander, and "BulbaSoreButthole"

18.) A copy of "Hobbit: the Other White Meat" with Gandalf's name witten in the front.

19.) A copy of "Shoot for the Orange, cause Dear don't carry Car Keys: How to maximize profit potential on Your next hunting trip."

20.) A portable hole.

21.) A portable Half a Hole, from the Monkee-verse

22.) Marcel the Monkey (Currently Deceased)

23.) Doctor Doom's most carefully guarded secret, stolen from his castle by highly trained operatives in the dead of night.. "Fantastic Four Underoos"

24.) 12 cans of "Hunt's Tuna safe Dolphin" from the Bizzaro-verse.

25.) The only known VHS copy of the episode of the Tonight Show where Johnny finally loses it and kicks Ed in the Jimmy

26.) A completed set of Abraxian "Throwing Hampsters"...incuding the razor hampster, the "Bites in the throat and doesn't let got hampster, and the dreaded "Intestinal gas/exploding hampster."

27.) A "Best of Bananarama" CD

28.) A complete set of all the Books in DC's next summer crossover "Kitten Stuck In Tree versus the JLA, JSA, and Inferior Five"

29.) Staff of transmutation into lime J-ello.

30.) A bunch of marbles.

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