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<...Sparky Paul's Aeronautical Stuff Galore!

Ansari X-prize Winner!!!

You guys done good!and then went and did it better!

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..Mobius Camera data... ....Basic 808 Keyfob camera data..

...Birds, Bugs, and Animals...
...Had a Bobcat in the area for awhile..
..Planes I flew in 2008...
..F-117 Decommissioning, April 22, 2008...

..Bombardier Super Scoopers in action..

..Night Hawk feeding by the street lights..
..F-104 at Mach 1.28 at 50 feet...
..Variations on Electric flight..
..Variations on Electric flight..
..Blue Heron fishing in open water..
..Water dropping helicopters..
..All the World's Kadets..
..Planes I've flown in 2003..
..Full-scale Aerobats..
..Air Attack Water Bombers..
..Images of shock waves..
..Astro Challenger...
..Colors for altitudes.
..Balsa USA Eindecker III..
..Sloping, scale and fun..
..The ever popular ZAGI..

***Aerial Photography ***

..Reading and measuring aerial photographs..
..Digital camera Photos..
..Electric Camera plane..
..Another photo plane.
..Speed 400 powered Camera plane..
..Inflight photography
..External camera on a KADET..
..Aerial photos on the slope..

*** Electrified planes ***

..Variations on the Gentle Lady..
..Electrified Gentle Lady..
..Electric NERD...
..GP electric Spirit ..
..GP electric Spirit Elite ..
..The EZWhizard..
..Eclipse, Oly II e-power
..Electric 400 fun-fly..

+++++ Testing +++++++++

..Finding wing incidence..
..Finding airspeed..
..Inflight airspeeds..
..Dobsonian Telescope Equatorial mount..
..Installing flaps..
..Making a streamlined fairing
..D-tube leading edges...
..Finding balsa densities...

+++How to do its+++

..Servo mounting methods.
..Goldberg Electra mods Pt I
..Lateral stability
..Lifting Kadet..
..Old control liner flies again..
..RcCad drawing program..
..SAE Aerodesign West 2003..

..SAE Lifter design..
..World's best soarers...
..DynaFlite PT-19..
..Wacky Waco Fun-Fly.

..Angelfire Services..
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