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...Great Plane Spirit 2M glider electrified....

Electric power, the pure way to fly... almost as pure as gliding.:)

Electrified GP Spirit

This is a Spirit converted to e-power, NOT a Spectra! Master Airscrew 550 motor, Master 3.5:1 gearbox, CAM Prop 13x8 folder , Wattage IC-550, 7x800 mah battery.. wt 35 oz less battery. Flies extremely well! First 4 flights: 6, 12, 11, 23 minutes, without really stretching anything..

equipment layout

.. The Spirit is resting...

This kit is very well done.. everything fit..added the spoilers when the plane began flying with a camera. .

Specking out..

Almost OOS over the San Andreas Fault a 1/4 mile from home. Easy plane to get to thermal.

.... Mods to the Spirit--------------

Vee tail added for ground clearance when belly landing in the boonies >See the Charles River pages for How to do This.....

..Note the 1/32" balsa sheeting added to the outer wing panels. This is intended to reduce/eliminate the tip-stalls that flip the plane out of small thermals....

Inflight.... EndoPlasma motor.. VERY good!, 8x1000 battery, 12x9 Graupner prop..1 oz added to the tail...

Both Spirits in flight..

electric Spirits #1 and #2 flying....

..Astro Challenger..

..Vee-tail camera plane..

..GP Spirit Elite 2M electric..

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