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...An experience with the GP Electro-Streak...!

Wizard and V III of the Streak

Starting with a scratch-built fuselage and tail on plans from the GP Electro-streak kit..The wing is from the Phoenix rocket-glider modified for a sloper some time back.. mucho structural mods to the fuselage after a couple flights.. The kit inner fuselage doublers proved inadequate to handle reasonable landing loads.. A new fuselage was built with 1/64" ply doublers from the nose to behind the wing, with a 1/64" ply bottom.. This is much stronger. Using the kit Goldfire motor, Jeti 10 ESC, 8x4 prop, 7x800 cells, flying weight 42 oz.

........In-flight shots....

.. The plane is really manuverable, flies fast, glides well. Looks like an F5J in the air.

...more in flight ...

Relatively sensitive in roll, full hi-rates are too much.


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