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RcCAD Renderings.....

Version 1.7....

Fokker vs Camel

SIG Senior Kadet

RCCAD is a good tool for layout..The "transparent" feature permits checking for equipment fits and things...A Kadet, naturally..

Kadet Biplane

Taildragger, biplane, Kadet..

Modified SIG Fazer

A mightly slodified SIG FAZER


Extra 300L


Extra 300 L. done in RcCad from a 3 view

Giles 202

Giles 202

Ultimate biplane

Ultimate 10-400 Aerobatic biplane scale


MD-83 transparent

There's also the ability to see thru the skin...

Gossamer Condor

The Gossamer Condor 1/2 way across the Channel...


Scale drawings of a Fokker Eindecker E-III

Fokker Eindecker III



XFV-1...Lockheed VTOL

Lockheed XFV-1 "Salmon"

Kadet fin construction

Full-scale Senior Kadet fin, covered and covering removed

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